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Austin's +Suite 709 is setting iTunes records for indie bands, based solely on word-of-mouth. One of the singles from this album has been featured on an international ad for Google+ ... check them out, please. They've got a smooth, harmonious R&B/Soul sound that crosses into the pop audience. Very refreshing. (Follow the band and +Dietrich Schmidt and +Jirod Greene as they launch their first national tour.)
+Suite 709 Breaks Top 20 on iTunes Charts!

Dear G+ Friends,

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support you guys have displayed in the release of our brand new album “Night & Day.” In the last 24 hours, because of you and your sharing, recommending, downloading, and reviewing, Suite 709’s “Night & Day” shot up to #16 in the nation on the iTunes R&B/Soul Charts!!! We are the only independent band up there by a long shot, and we don’t have a high dollar promo team pushing this album; just have amazing and passionate supporters like you spreading the album like wildfire!

We don’t like to send too many notifications, but we wanted to share this news with you guys, say "THANK YOU!!!," and ask for the next day or 2 to keep pushing, sharing, and spreading the word to all of your friends that like music! :)

iTunes Link for sharing:

Also, word on the street is that the iTunes team looks at reviews to determine whether the album is “Hot” or not, so if you have already downloaded, please take a few seconds to write a quick review on iTunes!

This is a true grassroots movement fueled by every single one of your shares, retweets, likes, and recommendations! We hope it’s as exciting for you as it is for us! We love you guys and are so grateful for every single one of you! 


+Jirod Greene +Dietrich Schmidt +David Butler +Zachary Boston +Drew Walters of +Suite 709 
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Connie Reece

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Suite 709 is a rising star on the Austin music scene ... and now they're global with a live G+ hangout concert. Grab the details below.
Saturday Morning Surprise!!! The 2nd +Suite 709 On Air Hangout now with Enhanced Audio!!!

In case you missed the last +Suite 709 On Air Hangout Concert, we finally got it uploaded to Youtube with the LIVE tracks we were recording here in the studio.

We had a great time this hangout because we got to discuss so many interesting topics with so many interesting people, including +Cam Meadows +George Rodenbaugh +Robert Anderson +Ethan Cohen +Kate Manser +Rebekah Downs +Mayank Patel +Josef Pierre +Sindri Andrason +michael moossy +Mark Ferrasci +Daniel Ely Rankin +Joe Tomasone +M Monica +Megan Noel Rhea.

And a Special Thanks to +Jammin Jo, +James Lawson-Smith +Becky West +George Sepich +Sara Eleta Reid +Tim Behrens and +Shantelle Spence for joining us again and having 100% +Suite 709 Hangout attendance!!! : )

Also a very Special Thanks to +Jon Ray for hosting and making sure everything ran smooth in the hangout and out in Cyber Space!

Tune in this Friday 2.17.12 at 10pm CST for the 1st ever +HIRL in Austin, TX #HIRLATX We'll be Hangout On Air from our Live +Suite 709 show at the ND at 501 Studios here in Austin, TX. There will also be a special virtual performance by our friend +Ryan Van Sickle!!! Don't miss it!

Thanks so much for all of your G+ support! We appreciate you guys so much!

+Jirod Greene +Dietrich Schmidt +David Butler +Drew Walters +Zachary Boston of +Suite 709
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Aww, so glad to hear that, let me know when you can how you are progressing. Big hugs
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Connie Reece

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Do you need Influencers or Fans?
Mack Collier originally shared:
I think one of the facets of the 'influencer vs advocates' debate that is overlooked is how passionate advocates can be for their favorite brands. Is it better to appeal to an influencer with 50,000 followers that has little interest in your brand, or an advocate that has 1,000 followers, but who actually loves you?
At Blog World, Matt Ridings and Chuck Hemann led a great discussion on Online Influence. At one point, Chuck made the point that if he wanted to reach
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Connie Reece

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Nick is one amazing person. If you're ever feeling down, watch this again. And again. "No Arms, No Legs ... No Worries"
Jen Baptist originally shared:
"No Arms, No Legs... No Worries"
Nick Vujicic
A healthy perspective for us all...
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Zk 414
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Connie Reece

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Omar Gallaga originally shared:
Facebook is doubling its work space in Austin. Largest concentration of FB employees outside of its headquarters -
Less than a year and a half after it opened an Austin satellite office, Facebook Inc. is doubling its space here.
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We should have been looking for a new Timeline from FB for Austin growth. :)
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Connie Reece

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Sounds interesting, +Lynette Young. Best wishes for a great launch of your new show.
First show out of the gate & we are beyond excited to have +Amber Mac as our guest.

Wednesday February 29th at 1:30pm EST. The show will be Live Hangout On Air #HOA broadcast & recorded for YouTube.
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Nicely done!
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Connie Reece

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G+ hangout with Austin-based band Suite 709 compiled and ready for viewing. Give it a listen!
NEW FULL RECAP: Google+ Live Concert 2.17.12 - Austin H.I.R.L. featuring +Suite 709, +Ryan Van Sickle, +Ben Baxter Band and more!

Hey G+ Friends and Fans!

We have compiled a complete recap of the Austin H.I.R.L. last week featuring LIVE On Air Hangout performances by +Suite 709 and +Ryan Van Sickle! Hosted by +Jon Ray! We would really appreciate you sharing this post!!!

Complete Show Recap:
* Video Recaps of all Artists' Performances:

Suite 709 Performance w/ Enhanced Audio:

* Heartache:
* Dance All Night:
* She Ain't Easy:
* Life Won't Let You Down:
* Miss You the Most (True Love):
* Rockets:
* Google Wave Returns on Google+:
* The Way You Move:
* Tonight is My Night:
* Novocaine:
* Apples and Oranges:
* Waiting:
* She Don't Even Know:
* I Like It:

Ryan Van Sickle Performance:

* When We Were Young: Google+ Ryan Van Sickle

We would really appreciate your support in circling, +1'ing, and sharing all artists involved:
+Suite 709 +Ryan Van Sickle +Ben Baxter Band
Thanks so much!
+Jirod Greene +Dietrich Schmidt +David Butler +Drew Walters +Zachary Boston of +Suite 709
Pre-order and Instantly Download all of these songs at
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Connie Reece

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My sentiments as well.
Jim Prosser originally shared:
Molly Wood is getting fed up with Facebook and the friction from its 'frictionless' sharing. Read this blog post by Molly Wood on Molly Rants.
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Connie Reece

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101-year-old woman still drives her 81-year-old car, a 1930 Packard 740 Straight 8. She is quite a character, and I would love to have that Packard. (I used to be in the collector car business.)
The New York Times. More Video ». Share This Video. Permanent URL Embed code. Share Networks. Close.
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Connie Reece

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Somebody opened the G+ floodgates! Thought I would finally go through my "Added you on Google+" notifications in the 3 weeks since I had surgery. Wow! Almost 1,000 new people? How did that happen?

No way I could make it through that many people. So if you circled me recently and I have not reciprocated, leave a comment below and introduce yourself. Thanks!
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Connie Reece

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Thanks for all the new people who have circled me. Please drop a comment and tell me how we're connected, or just something about yourself. I don't automatically reciprocate followers here, but I'm always open to new connections and conversations. So please introduce yourself--and thanks again!
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Am Thomas Jackson from Portland Oregon..I'm a man who can bring laughter into each and every new day is a definite plus. I know how to appreciate all four seasons,
I am by nature very affectionate, kind, understanding and very passionate and in intimacy. I am also down to earth, honest, and not judgmental in any way and very giving in a relationship as well as in intimacy. My eyes and smile are truly the windows to my soul. I'm a happy, alluring, intellectual, educated, bright, well read, joyful, curious, insightful, I'm nurturing and non-pretentious man. Energetic and financially stable.
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Connie Reece

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Making plans to close out my Bank of America accounts and switch back to a credit union. I'd rather drive the extra miles than continue to support BoA's bad practices.
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+Mack Collier - I think you need to open the Collier State Bank. :)
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Connie Reece is a writer, communicator and consultant who helps companies stay current with business trends regarding social media and social networks. Also a popular conference speaker, Connie has presented at national and regional events, including: Association for Women in Communication, Association for Women in Technology, BlogHer Business (New York), BlogHer (Second Life), Entergy Corporate Communications, Executive Women in Texas Government, IABC San Antonio, Interactive Austin, Marketing Profs Digital Mixer (Phoenix), Metropolitan Breakfast Club, PRSA Digital Impact (New York), Ragan Communications, and Women Who Tech.

In 2007 Connie created the Frozen Pea Fund, the first grassroots fundraising effort started solely on Twitter — long before Oprah or Ashton Kutcher brought the microblogging service to mainstream attention. The groundswell of community support for the unusual breast cancer campaign quickly caught the attention of online media outlets like TechCrunch, then spread to the BBC, and ultimately resulted in a feature story in the Washington Post. Within eight weeks the fund raised over $40,000. Connie’s work was also featured in best-selling author Shel Israel’s Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods (Portfolio Hardcover, 2009).

In 2009 Connie was a winner of the inaugural Texas Social Media Awards and was profiled by AustinWoman magazine as one of the top five women in social media in Austin.

She is a co-founding member (2006) of the international Social Media Club, founder of the Austin chapter, and has served on the advisory board. As of July 2011 the Club has 318 chapters across 49 countries.

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