Dual Battery Widget

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It's been long overdue, but instead of updating the community using a G+ page, I created a G+ Community. You can join this community, start discussions about it's future, add feature requests and bug reports!

Best of all - I'm back, and planning to continue releasing updates for the widget! Come inside, join the community and find out more!
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Dual Battery Widget

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I've been looking at the stats for the widget, and I came back with the following conclusion: Only about half of the active installations of the widget are on Transformer devices. A lot of them are on phones, and some of them are on smaller devices, like the HTC Wildfire, where small memory footprint is paramount! So I thought, maybe I should, maybe the new version should have a simple widget theme as a default one, with the current theme being as a downloadable option. This will allow the users to still get the same look, if they want, while at the same time making the widget lighter on the resources..

Please vote on the top comments below (with the +1 button on the respective comment) or add a comment of your own :)
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Saya gak mengerti...gimana caranya
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Dual Battery Widget

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A glimpse at things to come!
A new major update is coming within the next 24 hours, with a ton of fixes, and a bunch of long awaited new features!
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G mengerti
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Dual Battery Widget

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One of the new features coming in the next update is the icon in the notification area that will allow you to see your dock battery status no matter what application you're currently using!
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Duk chage satu beteri saja full
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Have them in circles
283 people
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Dual Battery Widget

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This should be the new main place to discuss new developments about the widget. I'm planning to return and continue working on it, but for that I need the community's help. I need your opinion on what's important, and what is wrong, what new features do you want to see most!

Finally, I'm no designer, and a number of people have reached out to me mentioning that the design could be better. If there are any designers out there willing to help and come up with a better design for the widget - I'd gladly accept your help, and I'm sure the community will appreciate it!
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Bagai mna cara menggunakan dual battery widget
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Dual Battery Widget

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The new version (v1.1.2) has been finally uploaded to the Google Play store. It contains a bunch of bugfixes, new features, and some improvements from the last screens posted here. 
If you don't have access to Google Play Store, you can download it here:
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Changelog for v1.1.2:
[+] New and revamped interface for tablets and phones! Proper support for Ice Cream Sandwich
[+] Ability to swap the battery icons around
[+] Horizontal mode! Display the batteries on top of each other
[+] Notification area icon showing the dock battery level (can be turned off in the settings)
[+] Google in-app billing for donations
[!] Lots of different bugfixes
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Dual Battery Widget

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The latest public beta is out!

The most important features in this update are:
* A tray icon with the dock battery status!
* A new interface for phones (they'll finally see the battery chart too)
* Market based donations (have been asked for this in the past)

This is most likely the last test release in this cycle. The next release will be in the Android Market again!
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Syed Fasi
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Dual Battery Widget project updates

This is a Battery Widget that displays the status for the internal battery, and the secondary battery in your dock station. It is mostly intended for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet (which is the only device that currently reports the dock battery life). All other devices will only show the main battery icon.

The widget is resizable, and can be as little as 1 cell on your screen, or fill your whole home screen! Advanced options allow you to change the size and the position of the status text, and hide the second battery gauge when it is disconnected.

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