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the one where I decide to do whole30
I am quite possibly the least likely human to willingly start Whole30. Held at gunpoint? Maybe.  Otherwise it simply doesn’t make sense for me. Let me give you a few reasons why. Reason 1)I almost set my apartment building on fire this winter when I was mak...

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I’ve just recently come out of a funk.   If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety or depression, you’ll know what I mean by this.   My friend Robyn calls it my “black cave of darkness”.   She says watching me go in there is the hardest part of being friends wi...

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take up your whole mat
I’ve recently started back to yoga.  And, yes, I am fully aware that any time I write about an athletic adventure, I am in the process of “starting back”.  That’s because I’m very talented at the quitting of the working out and not so skilled at the stickin...

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Santa Baby
I really wanted a Christmas pregnancy announcement. I can still remember that first Christmas so vividly. The year Matt and I started trying to get pregnant, Facebook was still shiny and new and mostly authentic. For the past few years I’d watched friend...

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when "not racist" is not enough
Today in the state of Alabama confederate flags
were removed from government property at the order of the governor.  And then the Internet went berserk.  “I am not racist, BUT …” I read this phrase over and over and over.   “ BUT this is my heritage! You ca...

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on eating. and not.
decided to become anorexic while riding the bus one morning in the spring of
sixth grade.  I hadn’t heard that
word before and wasn’t sure what the requirements were, but all of the glamorous
eighth grade girls sitting in the back were talking about becom...

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hunt or be hunted
You guys know how much I love Jesus, so obviously when our
neighborhood hosted an Easter egg hunt last weekend, I had a religious
obligation to take Mills. It's important to note that I have a great
appreciation for healthy competition.   When I know a priz...

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your other mother
Jody Landers said, "A child born to another woman calls me Mom.  The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege is not lost on me.”  I think of her every day, your other mother.  But on these days, the big ones, it consumes me. Three years ag...

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what's for dinner?
I was group texting with Clair and Lolly this morning when
one of them asked for some new dinner ideas for the week.   Apparently, they forgot I was on the
text.   I don’t cook.   And, when I say this to people, they
are always, “Oh my gosh, me neither!” an...

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A lot of people ask me, “So, did you guys adopt because you
couldn’t get pregnant?”   I think
that’s the most common conclusion in terms of adoption. (at least with
people who don’t have biological children.)   And while certain aspects of our adoption and ...
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