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Susanne Hartmann
DingFabrik e.V. - FabLab Cologne
DingFabrik e.V. - FabLab Cologne

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Drei Aktionen heute in der Dingfabrik: 3D-Drucker bauen, Arduino Workshop, Fnordlichter-Löten Workshop, vom Cowoco aus war gleichzeitig noch Code Retreat mit 23 Teilnehmern. Volles Haus, dennoch alles super gelaufen und genügend Reserve so das man sich nicht beengt vorkommt.
Kleines Highlight war die 4 jährige Besucherin die sich so über die Bauklötze und Murmelbahn gefreut hat, das die gar nicht mehr nach Hause wollte.
Weiteres Highlight war das Buffet ;)

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It is always a pleasure to talk to people of a German finance office ("Finanzamt")

Clerk: "Please give me a phone number where we can reach you during the day."
Me: "I don't have a phone at my work desk. You can write me an email."
Clerk: "What about a mobile number?"
Me: "I don't have mobile reception in my office. You can write me an email."
Clerk: "But we need to reach you!"
Me: "Listen, I work in a modern IT company, we communicate via email, mostly. Plus, I am hearing-impaired and talking on the phone is the least reliable type of communication with me. You can write me an email."
Clerk: "But wait, you really have no phone at your desk?"
Me: "Exactly."
Clerk: "But that's so backward!"

Really, email is more backward than phone? Who is backward here? In the end, I could convince him to send me an email. I'd be impressed if he accomplished that.
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