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You're looking at the wrong one.
You're looking at the wrong one.

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Not this one. The other one.

Turns out I need a M8-1.25 x 110mm screw to hold my operating desk down in my rover setup. Luckily the hardware store by work has one.

Up next: non-slip mats and tie-down straps. I could probably use the ones suitable for strapping stuff to the rooftop.

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Looking for someone who'll let me use (or help me use) their:
Radial Arm Saw (To cut a tabletop)
Belt Sander (To round the corners)
Router (possibly a Table Saw with a very narrow blade) (to make the groove to re-apply the vinyl siding to said tabletop)
Rectangular steel tubing cutter (to cut the table legs cross-beam)
Drill Press (for holes to re-attach the cross-beam after cutting)

Lathe (to make a hole in the center of a small cylinder of aluminum)

Taps (to put threads into the preceding hole for a screw)Mill (to mate the aluminum cylinder to the side of a fiberglass cylinder, and to make a hole through said fiberglass cylinder for the screw) (Also for miscellaneous slots in aluminum and fiberglass)
Table Saw (Could be a router - need to make 1.25" wide x 2mm deep cuts, and 4mm wide x 2mm deep cuts, in polycarbonate)

I have some projects for which I don't have the tools necessary to complete them.

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HBO's Game of Thrones Spoiler alert!

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I know what I'm doing on April 21st...

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Words fail...

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The puppy playing with Nico's train.
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