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Facing Difficult Time
We are facing difficult time. It has become three months that I did not write anything. In
the beginning I got busy to complete my thesis as it was delayed few years.
Then, there was a massive earth quake which affects all of us in Nepal. My
house collapsed...

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Why Violence to Women?
These days, there are frequent news about rape, sexual harassment
and attack on girls. Girls are victim all the time. Even though they are doing
their best on their own, people of criminal minds are not tolerating it. For those
rapist and criminals there sh...

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Visit to the Temple and Historical Place
the last few days, I was not able to write anything as I was on short trip. On
Wednesday, we (along with my wife Sabina) went to Manakamana Temple. On
Thursday we remained stay at home as the office was off due to the national
festival Holi. Friday, I wa...

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Pollution, Population and Poor People
On Friday, I traveled in the afternoon. A day before,
there was rain, however Friday was sunny day. I drove my motorcycle nearly
two hours; and during that time I felt suffocation due to the long traffic jam
and pollution. Even in the afternoon, there was a...

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Jeff Goins Inspiring Blog
I read Jeff Goins blog today. I am reading his blog regularly
as it gives the insight and the inspiration to do something in life. He
explained how he becomes a professional writer in his blog. When they (Jeff and
his wife) decided to have a child, Mrs Jeff...

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A Praiseworthy Marriage
A Praiseworthy
Marriage On last Friday, I attended a wedding ceremony of Ms. Laxmi Khanal and Sagar Prasai. Laxmi is an Electrical Engineer working full time at Nepal
Telecommunications. She is about to complete her master’s degree in Rural
Development as w...

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Be Happy in Life
Be Happy in
Life When I connect with great minds, I feel amazing and thrill by
their ideas. I normally connect with them through their views on articles,
books, and quotations and so on. When I read them, I become fresh and I see the
world beautiful. It’s r...

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Experience of My Life
Experience of My Life Hope this can be a lesson to you as well. I read somewhere else that we see the world not as it is, but
as we see it ourselves. We define our own world. We look it from our own
perspective. Even our perspective changes when the situati...

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Criteria of Australian Institutions to Nepalese Students Australia granted
404000 students visa in total in 2014 (  Many Nepalese students are also applying,
studying and settling in Australia. Unlike from developed countries student...

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Useful Moral Story
NEVER FEEL DEJECTED Once there was a guy who was in love with a girl. She was
not most beautiful and gorgeous but for him, she was everything. He used to
dream about her; about spending rest of life with her. His friends told him, “Why
do you dream so much ...
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