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Dasapta Erwin Irawan
Open science, science communication, hydrogeology, Linux and Mac lover
Open science, science communication, hydrogeology, Linux and Mac lover


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INARxiv hits 900 papers

It's almost 90 days already since launched, but INARxiv (the preprint server of Indonesia) hits 900 papers. Can we just make it to 1000 in 5 days? ;)

All you have to do is:

1) sign in/register (using ORCID account if any)
2) upload your doc and fill in the contributor
3) type the description


You can find some bits about INArxiv, here:

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If you are a paleontologist or oceanographer, you should consider putting your works openly in these preprint servers: Paleorxiv and MarXiv .

And mmm they’re not just servers stored somewhere, they’re real humans, real scientists, real community.

And the other thing, cool kids join them. Would you?

INArxiv to reach 1000 pre/post print papers

We only need 15 more papers to reach 1000 papers. Today is day #93 since launched. Visit #openscience #openaccess

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open discussion is cool

My short article on @authorea received a comment. By request from colleagues, I put it in GD and post the link on my FB wall. (& it's been viewed half times of the original article). This open discussion is cool. cc @dasaptaerwin

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Silahkan mampir ke artikel saya berikut ini untuk melihat grafik jumlah makalah di INArxiv sekaligus datanya >> .

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My article on Authorea. It's in the OpenCon London 2017 blog article competition ;)

Menghubungkan berbagai dokumen

Tahukah anda bahwa gambar atau tabel data dapat diposisikan sebagai output riset independen? Keduanya tidak harus dirujuk sebagai bagian dari suatu makalah. Dampaknya anda sendiri dan orang lain bisa mensitasinya berulang kali tanpa perlu bingung dengan masalah duplikasi publikasi. Berikut skemanya

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