Gather ‘round kiddies as I regale you with a tale…  A tale that has become somewhat of a myth- told in hushed whispers by some, and shouted from the roof top by others … 

It has now been declassified, one of the first Helo missions for guardians.... 

Operation : Fair Thee Well My Guardian : an Agents Perspective 
 Maryland Renaissance Faire Grounds Crowsnville, MD

March 16, 2014
Ye Olde Fountain
Crown Jewel Exhibition
Dredgenought Pirate Ship
Wooden Buddha Statue
Maryland Renfaire
& Other Nondescript portals
On the week of March 9th, I became aware of a stealth plot to gain access to Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds to neutralize several portals that were headed toward their Onyx badges.  

With ENL agents in high positions, I searched for ways to gain access, as the ground had been closed for the season since Oct 20th, 2013.  And since the portals are technically on a private residential farm land (according to state tax records) we had to figure out other ways to get those portals. We contacted TOP agencies… ideas were bandied about trespassing, balloons, cloaks of invisibility, drone strikes, airplanes, helicopters, the use of secret transporters, and alien technology I didn’t even know we had.  Enlightened agents have some great secret jobs!

A decision had been made by the organizer, and the plan put into motion.  The agency that would be helping us was contacted.  Sunday was the date and the agents began pooling resources.
On Sunday we parked on the side of the road outside the Ren Fest grounds, for a team meeting. Agents XXXXX*,@Falstafff, @digitalslacker, @Ju12zo, XXXXX2* and I finalized plans.  But there was a problem.  The helicopter has having technical difficulties, and was only able to handle one person.  A call went out, would someone volunteer to be the only one? Since no one would, I did. With storms incoming, I figured if this were to be my last action, I wanted it to be for the DMV ENL, for the Enlightened community, for Ingress!

It was decided, they accepted my decision. And we then went to the secure location.   As I was one of the last to arrive, everything was ready for me. XXXXX* had already spoken with the supervisors in charge; and all that was left for me to do is be briefed and sign what I think was my will- if this were to go awry. I didn’t read them...because why… Eff the world! 

I stepped inside and a feeling of dread washed over me, what if my scanner didn’t work, what if I don’t survive, what if I disappoint the 100s of DMV ENL that don’t even know this is going on. I looked out at the 5 agents that had trusted me with the assignment. Smiled and waved to keep up appearances. 

I turned off everything running on my scanner except ingress. No distractions. Everything went quiet. I took a deep breath and I was gone. My friends and agents I have battled alongside, were gone. I was alone with my thoughts. How will I know when I get there? Will my scanner even work up here?

As I opened my eyes and my thoughts were steady and clear. I was there. I had to move with quick motions, for sure once I attack they will defend. My hands were shaking, sweating, heart racing. As the first portal came into scanner range, my Jarvis was ready and I attacked. Is it working? Did it go… oh no I bounced too quickly. I cant stop to see if it changed I hit my bursters to knock the low level portals out. My comm lit up. I don’t have time to check the messages. I know what they are saying- I’m cheating, I’m spoofing. 

No time to think. 4 more portals. Only 3 more Jarvises. I make another attempt.  I use my Jarvis, I see both have now gone through. I use my l8 bursters to knock whats left of 2 lvl 1 portals. One last portal. I was sure it had been hit by my busters, but it was at full strength. As it came into range I took a deep breath steadied my hand and attacked.  All of sudden I spot a black SUV came racing out of nowhere! He’s hauling tail across the parking lot to the gate. Does he see me, he can’t catch me. It was too late, it changed so quickly- I hardly had time to react. I did it! The grounds were clear.  

The assignment I had been entrusted with had been accomplished.  Could the agents back at HQ see?  I had time to breathe and open the Comms. As I tried to steady my breathing and sweaty hands, I read. Such anger, such accusations, such butt hurt-ness…

My teammates said everything was under control, they wouldn't let me go down for this after all because the accusations were flying. Congrats came over the comm ways. Little did I know, a fellow agent had sent a cross-faction message to RES Leaders +Kevin Hagan  and +Nikolas Moore. A heads up if you will, to let them know everything was on the up and up and to calm their agents down so they didn’t report me.

I want to thank Agents that contributed:+Steven Hirnickel ScubaNickel, +Garrett Keating digitalslacker , +Joey Izzo ju12zo,  +Joel Phillips  Falstaff, +Andrew Shields Tenthman, +Taber Andrew Bain , +Jim Typhoon , +Logan Lopez  +Jason G.  platinumhulk and several agent unknowns *

*agents have asked their names not to be revealed as they fear retaliation 

I have attached comms messages,I received that day, and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I can freely post this now... as my guardian (hunted through a bounty  system) has hit 150

 +Ingress  +NIA Ops 

+Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger  +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Matilde Tusberti  +Ethan Lepouttre +Ingress Enlighteneddmv 
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This is crazy and awesome.
Almost every agent told me this story as I was leveling. We have a lot of local Resistance that try to lean on trespassing laws for their guardians. Nothing is safe from Enlightenment.
+Sean Smith FYI, this op was actually first done by the Resistance at Kings Dominion a few weeks prior, so we can thank them for the idea.
Actually, it was part of the discussion, but maybe before you were brought on.
I remember that day as my phone was blowing up with question. Whether you agree or disagree with guardian hunting, it was a classy move to reach across and let us know. Google even auto added Hoff to the helicopter pic
+Erin Washington, we tried to get folks to go for the Christmas/Dickens Faire thing, but no takers at the time.
Eddy G
I love a story with a happy ending. 
Way to go !!! Best sitrep I read so far !!!
Brilliant!! Now where can I get a helicopter from? 
Impressive dedication, even if it is to the wrong faction! ;)
congrats on finally reaching your onyx gp too!
That is so cool!  You really live up to your Agent Name!
What a ridiculous expense just too take out a Guardian. I guess if you have the time and money to waste, go for it. But really, for a Guardian?
+Erin Washington I personally don't understand the jollies of knowingly taking out a Guardian. Typically, they're low level and not fully deployed. They're not used as anchors for fields and useful only for badges and leveling. They have no real significance to the overall game.

I've left numerous enemy portals alone when they're out in "BFE", low level, and not fully deployed. But hey, if it gets your rocks off, have at it.
Nate M
You can still get to L13 pretty easily. L14 and on much less easily without a platinum guardian. Basically she is keeping agents from having a larger xm bar and being able to recharge at a greater distance.
+Tod Kozeluh You're assuming that the way you play is the only way to play. That, or you're angry. Can't tell which.
Wow. Som much effort to deny some poor agent an onyx badge. Why not put the effort into making some high MU-fields?
+Arild Skullerud I think you're forgetting that this is a PvP game. Preventing the enemy from getting what they want is the point of the game.
+Arild Skullerud why? u get the same mu for a small field as u do a big one... fyi big mu fields prevent other from playing under them if they arent taken yeah it just like any other game when u shoot to kill an opponent. just another aspect of the game. some people field, some people destroy some guardian hunt. others just happen to be around for one amazing helocopter event
My question is how did you discover the age of the portals? If it was in a legitimate way, then wonderful! If you used a scraper, then shame on you and all involved!
+Dave Coleman II the grounds closed on a specific day. and it was a heavily contested battle. won by resistance because it is private farm land and the owners are agents. 5 months from the date of this op was 2 days b4 they were to get the badges
That's awesome. +NIA Ops now encouraging guardian hunting (this was shared in the ingress report). Oh, I am sorry you referred to it as "guarding her portal."

NIA needs to wake up and realize that they are breeding some pretty big hatred between factions and pushing more people to cheating via scrapers and spoofing because of guardian hunting. People are going to extremes to deny agents a badge when it isn't even part of the game. Furthermore, they cheat to do it and get away with it. 
+Dave Coleman II Niantic removed the date information on portals sometime around May/June of this year for specifically this reason. The only way to Guardian hunt now is based on how a portal is deployed. And +Sean Smith what in the world are you talking about? I'm angry? Please don't ever try getting a job as a profiler! Not gonna be good at it!
+Tod Kozeluh That wasn't the only option, but I guess it's the only one you noticed.
+Tod Kozeluh Dave understands that, but what he is inferring is that cheating is rampant to determine portal capture date. He and I have both experienced it in our areas. Certain people have accounts that scrap capture data (this is done on both sides) and people use that data to deny guardians. We have seen people on both sides travel for 3-4 hours to kill a guardian of a player they have never even seen before, just because it is a guardian. It's getting bad enough that constantly hits are put out on guardians just to kill them and the data is pulled from a scrapper, not remember when a portal is capped. 
+Tod Kozeluh I've heard they have a way to scrape comms to record capture dates. If you want to do that manually then fine have at it, but using a program to cheat is cheap.
+Erin Washington glad to see that while your video wasn't released, at least the story's been published. :) (We met during the interviews at the last anomaly.)
+Erin Washington Sure thing. :) (Switching over to my personal G+ instead of work.)  I just circled you, and I'll be there from the 16th to the 20th in Lynchburg. 
Not sure why Niantic introduced this story as "This agent guarded her portal" rather than "This agent borrowed a helicopter to blast 5 blue guardian portals". But it's still a cool story. 
Congrats 😊 to up this we might need a space shuttle haha
It's a great story and a great effort. However, I personally don't go after people's guardian portals unless they are A-holes. I gather the capture date was known from when the park closed, so no cheating was involved. Still, I don't approve unless the people with the guardians had been jerks. I don't approve when my teammates go after guardians, either.
+Sally Maxwell I'm with you. I assure you that in this case, it was well-deserved -- at least for one. I felt bad for the others but I guess guilt by association.
Wow. People sure are mad. I'm not sure if all these people realize this is a game. Just a reminder. Awesome that you got to fly a helicopter though.
Guilt by association? This is part of the reason that guardian hunting is so bad for the player base. You have one douche player that kills someone's guardian, and then because the victim decides its better to just kill all guardians instead of individual revenge, it makes these increasing waves of malicious guardian hunting that are frequently interlaced with cheating methods to get them.

Just a month ago, a personal friend on the opposite side (I am res, he is enl) was traveling and saw a fully deployed portal in a small town, and killed it. It ended up being an accidental guardian on my side, and people went nuts and had someone with a screen scrapper find his guardian and go kill it. All because he played the game, they assumed he was a guardian hunter. 

It speaks volumes about how much this is a detriment to the community as a whole, when the author of this post decided to not post about it until THEY had their own black guardian. They knew if they bragged about their guardian killing, that it would spawn others to seek out her's and anyone else involved (which is why I assume some names are removed, can go to the bank that they are still working on their badge). All guardian hunting does is make each side venomous to each other, when this should be a safe and fun community regardless of sides. It's a game. 
+Matt Endres I wasn't a guardian hunter, Per say, just a friend of a person whose was preventing another agent from getting their badges. I opted to go up. Was there for 1 person. The others were just there... For it there was a bounty put on portals folks though were my guardians... Portals that just happened to be on my way to work. Don't care. It's a game. In the end they missed a few. Or stopped paying folks to take them out. 
I find it funny that the official ingress email title and sub title for this post is
Talk about keeping an Operation stealth! This Agent guarded her Portal like a pro.

This had nothing to do with guarding a portal. It had every thing to do with guardian hunting. Wake up NIA. The question is why title it this way? Don't like guardian hunting NIA or just that out of touch with what this actually was?

Anyway good way to get otherwise protected portals nice work. 
+Erin Washington after +Joe Philley told us it was bad form to go after people's guardians coupled with Niantic removing the capture date of portals, I and many others refused to go after people's guardians. Yes, it's just a game. But good will and politeness across teams makes the game so much more fun.
So turning on my scanner, and hunting out middle-of-nowhere portals for uniques is considered "guardian hunting"? Ms. Washington, ignore the angry people. They just jealous you got to go up in a helicopter in the name of Ingress. 
Chris, that's not guardian hunting.  Guardian hunting is when you look up data referring to the capture date of portals (which Niantic now removed) and purposely go after portals which are about to hit 90 or 150 days held by an opposing faction player.  What you're doing is simply blasting enemy portals without knowing how long they've been held, which is what we should be doing :)
Hey Erin... you're a star... you've been featured in the latest Ingress Ops email
+Chris Wickham did you read the post? "...gain access to Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds to neutralize several portals that were headed toward their Onyx badges."

Oh nevermind tldr I am sure that was it. 
+Erin Washington I say great job!  Fantastic!  Although I usually don't take out guard portals, in this case I agree with it because there was actually a  battle for the Ren Fair that was lost to the Resistance.  Although waiting until the last possible minute before killing the guardians was cruel and unusual punishment.
+Shane Nicklin From the FAQ: "Yes. We will accept candidate Portals as long as they are safe and accessible, in some capacity, to the public." This applies also to amusement parks and the like; they're private property but allow ticketed folks to come in at certain times on certain days.
Would it not have been easier to call up the fairgrounds owners and get permission to access the grounds?  It might have even been a publicity stunt in their favor... but any chance to go flying always prevails!  Cheers. :)
+Chris Wickham of course it is not guardian hunting to hit random portals. But she was guardian hunting and she waited until the last minute. That is pouring salt into the wounds. I don't approve of either team doing that. She could have made a BAF with her helicopter and that would have been a fine achievement. 
Hmmm...  very interesting... fun event I'm sure, but violates TOS with ingress gaming... better thing would have been to report it.
The badge should be renamed "Hiding a useless portal", because that is the only way to earn it. There is no possibility to guard something remotely that is being targeted onsite. Between viruses and L8 Bursters there is no defense. So the path to getting the badge is to build a L1 portal in the boonies and hope it goes unnoticed.

Unlike every other badge action that does ZERO towards earning your faction a single MU point. It's a distraction at best and a source of animosity at worst. NIA wasn't thinking when they crreated this badge.
A good guardian doesn't always have to be Level 1... mine is Level 6 and has been sprayed and attacked 4 different times, every time they stopped and gave up part way through, it's been over 110 days now, and I've been lucky I know but had it been L1 it would have been a goner for sure!
Well if it didn't work maybe the press can make a big stink about it... Google isn't in the favorable spot light lately.  What ever happened to "don't be evil?"
Sure, I know this much, if it was the fair ground owner, then I'll never go there again.
+Ryan Kelly  well all i know is that when the grounds are not open to public(closed for the season), the RES agents that own the property are allowed other RES back on to recapture.... thats all  have to say about that. i will continue to neutralize the portals until they are removed when the faire leaves those grounds
+Ryan Kelly  Please keep in mind that the festival leases the land from a third party who has nothing to do with the management/ownership of the festival. So when you say "fair ground owner", who are you talking about? The owner of the land? The chairman of the board of the corporation that runs the festival? The general manager? The operations manager? All senior shareholders? What? If any of a dozen people are jerks, you'll give up on a seasonal treat?
If your L6 portal was attacked but ultimately left alone it was because the attackers weren't serious or they were very low level agents. I challenge you to "guard" your portal against a virus or someone with a couple dozen L8 bursters.
Hmmm good point but the answer ends up being "all of the above" of someone doesn't either give access; boycott; etc... I consider them contributorily responsible...
Festival that brings in millions of dollars annually and employs a coupla thousand people.
Small group who runs said Festival
Land owners who own where the festival is situated
And you're prepared to take a stand against them because of a video game.

I give up.
Yep. That's how it is. Someone has to take the blame. The owner is violating TOS on purpose. It's likely to be corrected if you take a stand, but if you prefer they walk all over you--enjoy.
All this points out just how divisive the concept of having to hide a portal to get a needed badge really is. The action of hiding a portal is otherwise useless. You aren't guarding an anchor to a huge field and the portal isn't doing your side one lick of good. So why does NIA reward you with an Onyx badge? It takes months of real effort to earn any other Onyx badge and that effort generally benefits your team. Yet you can get the top badge by hiding a P1 out in the boonies.

The title of this article points out just how absurd the concept is. It says she "Guarded her portal like a pro", when in reality she was doing the opposite. She was hunting them down. I will yield the point if anyone here can point out a way to remotely guard an accessible portal from anyone with a virus or someone L6 or higher. Can you actually do what the badge is named for? Can you actively guard it? I say not.
Agreed... But if your wealthy you hide it on private property or fly over... Granted I'm a pilot and could also fly over but I think it's just wrong... Most don't have that luxury
"I can freely post this now... as my guardian (hunted through a bounty  system) has hit 150"

You could have posted it earlier, as blowing up 6 guardians in 'off limits' areas was already widely known.
I'm not sure why Niantic would promote violating FCC regulations like this.

§ 22.925 Prohibition on airborne operation of cellular telephones.
Cellular telephones installed in or carried aboard airplanes, balloons or any other type of aircraft must not be operated while such aircraft are airborne (not touching the ground). When any aircraft leaves the ground, all cellular telephones on board that aircraft must be turned off.
NIA should pull the badge. They could give a grace period to earn another badge at whatever level they held the Guardian before downgrading an agent's level. I'd say make it an unlimited time to get another badge, but then anyone at L16 would get an unfair advantage. A few weeks to a few months should be plenty of notice.
While the FCC may say that, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) do not... 14 CFR / FAR 91.21 does not prohibit this in aircraft flight as long as the operator of the aircraft has determined the device will not cause interference with the navigation or communication system.

So...2 federal agencies stating opposite regulations...
It's an FCC matter because the cell structure is predicated on each phone having line of sight to a few cell towers at any one time. They have to negotiate to determine which one has the best connection, and that becomes a big issue if a cell phone has line of sight to tens or hundreds of cells at the same time.

The FAA has only a safety mandate, and they may not care if it doesn't present a safety issue. Just because one agency doesn't prohibit the activity doesn't mean another can't.
Nope. Not even vaguely impressed.
The headline makes out that they were guarding by helicopter. Instead what they did was spend money on a helicopter for the single purpose of griefing a few players.

Guardian hunting (previously openly and actively discouraged by niantic - this op was run when capture dates were still on the map) and an entire op based around a negative action against specific players. Why even post this?

I get an op around making or killing fields, epic efforts of cooperation and positive community building. How about we focus on something more positive than celebrating wasting half a year of another players time.

The line of sight argument is hypothesis and no tests have proven that argument to be valid.

Secondly...I did not say FAA. I referenced the FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) which are found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which are very much regulatory and thereby Federal Law. The FAA does not write the FARs.
Epic sitrep title fail. C'mon NIA, seriously?
Guardian hunting is like a virus. You get in contact with it, you suffer from the disease it creates.
Complete waste of time, effort and energy to act like douche bags. The shapers failed on your poor little minds...
+Erin Washington: You rock.  I'd buy you a drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic/milkshake) if we have the chance.
Wow, I've never heard of anyone going to THIS much trouble to stop opposing players from earning Guardian badges - procuring a helicopter just to invade imaginary portals.  +Erin Washington , I admire what you did given that I'm Enlightened, but you are CRAZY!   Then again, so are the people who were diligent enough to recharge those guardian portals all winter long.

Then again, I am FerrisBueller86, level 10 Enlightened.  I started playing Ingress in late November of last year, and I've been at level 10 since early August.  It's a LONG way to level 11, and the weather is getting colder, so my motivation to play has never been so weak.
It's good to see this story rings just as loudly with those of us who are proud of +Erin Washington as it does with those of you who seem to immediately take offense.
I'm a pilot and I think using aviation to play Ingress is great. What I think is stupid to the point of hurting the game is this concept of rewarding a huge prize for an essentially useless activity. What is more it actively promotes griefing and poor behavior on both sides. If Niantic had a lick of sense they would pull the badge and stop this nonsense.
Jack Ryan It matters not that it's in the FARs, it's still concerned with aviation safety, not efficient operation of the cellular system. It also doesn't matter to the FCC if you agree with them or not. You could be completely correct in your analysis, but still be in violation of FCC rules.
The whole Guardian thing is a mess of contradictions and hypocrisy. On the one hand Niantic tells us not to be too attached to any portal, that they belong to everyone. On the other they offer a prize for owning a portal and guarding it as ones own for weeks on end. One message in words and the polar opposite in deed. And it's not any small prize either. Earning any other Onyx badge entails dozens to hundreds of hours of effort.

Then they call it "Guarding" when they know darn well that it's impossible. You may as well tell a body guard that his client has to stand in one place out in the open for months and that even if he is physically present at an attack he can't take preemptive action. Instead he has to wait until the assassin takes his first shot, and even then all he can do is administer First Aid as the assassin gets to keep on shooting. Oh, and the assassin can obtain a one shot kill bullet just to make his un opposed attack immediately successful. They say "Guard" in word, but demand "Hide in an inaccessible spot" in deed.
I'm amazed by the complaints about the Guardian badge.  If it were removed, then the diehards would need a replacement platinum or higher badge to reach level 13 or beyond.

And only the extremely obsessed can reach level 13 and beyond anytime soon.  I started playing Ingress in late November of last year.  I reached level 8 in May (one day after levels 9-16 were introduced), level 9 in early June, and level 10 in early August.  I STILL have a long way to go to reach level 11.  At the rate I've been playing, it will take me well into 2015 to get there.  When you consider that my motivation to play is reduced (long past the point of diminishing marginal returns), self-driving cars will replace today's cars by the time the Guardian badge matters to me.
LOL Erin. Smashing is easy. Planning and creating takes brains, planning and teamwork. Spending $$$ and polluting the world with more CO2 just to deny some other agent a badge is to me really totally pathetic, but symptomatic of Ingress as the factions 'hate' each other enough to do this. Personally I use Ingress to get in better shape and I ride my bicycle out to portals to create, and smash farms for AP. All done on my bicycle. Sometimes on trips that gives me hours of exercise. As I can see of the Ingress crowd, a lot of the agents could benefit from more hours on a bicycle rather than in a car too. Though I'm happy to see that some couch potatoes have gotten out there to do just that :)
+Arild Skullerud it happens organically when u have a games with teams. Glad you got out there for better shape. people will play the game. This op also took planning, brains and team work. The argument could be used for your smashing farms, why not let them stand? Why, because that's part of the game. You take out the other factions portals prevent them from getting gear. 
I take out the farms because they are easy to hack for L7-8 XMPs since they always are close together. 4 pre-planned 5min laps and I am go for bear. I'm not far off platinum hacks so I don't get the bitching about the guardian badge (I had 2 run past 300 days) as hacking will get you there. Even in our (relatively) portal starved city I can easily get 2000-3000 hacks a day just bicycling to and from work with some detours and a few hours extra pedaling, so onyx hacks is about as long into the future as waiting for that onyx guardian. AND you'll get there guaranteed, no dorks hunting down that portal in a CO2 spewing helicopter just to be a pr**k. Because thats just what it is - going after a 'select few individuals', instead of working the overall issue of Ingress which is global MU-count. I don't have much respect for other agents going after individuals spesifically. In my opinion it's just evil doing that. Reguardless of color.

Also farms are easy to smash for AP since my bursters reach many portals at the same time. I don't care much what the other team use them for. They need to move their butts to get to the portals I prefer to visit to use the gear they hoard anyway. It's a pity they use their cars for it, because that drive CO2 emissions, so lately I just drop making fields so the AP count out there is low. That way they don't bother making the trip in these badge-insane AP rush days. I even flip portals after field ops are done to deny the other team that AP and allow my fellow agents to work where the field were.
+Arild Skullerud Hate? You think we hate each other? Hatred, at least in our cells, isn't really an issue. There are a few people here and there that are just rude, but for the most part, our rivalries are friendly. In the same way that a defensive linemen tackles a quarterback, it's not hatred: it's just playing the game.

You act as though you are a better person than one of our best agents. You aren't. You are just self-righteous and deluded. The mere fact you feel the need to brag about how great of a person you are says a lot about who you actually are.

Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud.
LOL Sean. How fast this turned to a person attack. Self-righteous and deluded? Feel that I am better than others? Where did that come from? If not going after ENL guardians specifically is me saying that I am better than others I think you are the deluded one. Braging about how great I am? Someone here is deluded all right. I'm stating the fact that going after another individual in a malicious way is being a bad person. Anyone feeling the opposite is 'being good', should visit a shrink. I see this op that way. Going out of their way to get a few guardians. Even spending a lot of $$$ to do it. And then bragging about it worldwide.

Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud???
Where do you get your quotes?
You'd rather people like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi should have been quiet and confident?

And hate? One fresh hard working smurf who were starting to encroach on ENL territory not far from here was pushed off his bike and smashed up for real and bleeding. Then told to not play Ingress on their territory. The incident was reported to the police. My young son was called names by ENL agents and they ran after him trying to get him off his bicycle. Luckily I always go with him and stopped them before something bad happened. Don't tell me this is friendly rivalry. This is hate. Hate because the other team ruins your day.
You say this as though your first post wasn't already an attack on one of our best agents. You called her a prick, which is ironic coming from you. And I call you deluded because, even now, you don't realize what you are saying.

>Feel that I am better than others?

Judging the use of a "CO2 spewing helicopter"? Judging the use of cars with "CO2 emissions"? Feeling superior because you use a bicycle? I'd be surprised if your local agents don't consider you a joke.

>And then bragging about it worldwide.

Actually, the sitrep was for the local agents that were affected by it. Erin specifically tagged people that she assumed would be interested. Up until now, this was just a rumor to many players. The fact that Niantic decided to pick it up and misrepresent it has nothing to do with Erin's intent.

>You'd rather people like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi should have been quiet and confident?

They didn't brag about how great they were as people. They acted in the interest of a cause and didn't blow their own horn about how great they were. They were respectable. You wouldn't even fit a metaphor.

>Don't tell me this is friendly rivalry.

I will tell you that it's a friendly rivalry because I said it is a friendly rivalry in our cells. Just because your cells are full of toxic players doesn't mean that the rest of us don't realize that this is a game. And I think I'd be right in assuming that you are one of those toxic players, considering what you've brought to this thread.
Well I don't feel superior to anyone, I just think it is a pity some people feel the need to go to such lengths just to deny a badge in, as you say, a game. Spending cash and spewing CO2 just to be the cool agent that took out those guardians. Feeling good about doing something that targets an individual in a malicious way, and posting it online for bragging rights. In any other aspect in life that person is called a pr**k. Sure I could have been a little more diplomatic in my choice of words, but when you have 'toxic agents' attack your kid you sort of loose a bit of your restraint. I won't sink that low in any aspect of my life, and yes I actually feel I am a better person than said toxic agents.

You assume a lot of things you know nothing about and berate a critic in a very toxic way yourself. I think there could be some 'poison' in your cell too if you look closely enough for it.

I won't bother posting any more on this thread. In my opinion the original op is the kind of op that create toxic agents. My apologies for not being properly diplomatic Erin.
Wow; it's just a game people.  What's with all the spurious correlations and fallacious arguments?  CO2 emissions?  Loss of minimal seasonal employment?  Even I jest, but frankly, it's just a game.  The fact that people can plan, coordinate, and become resilient to such problems speaks volumes to how prepared we'll be when the big problems arise.  Again, good job, but sad to see that Google didn't fix this.
It's pretty ridiculous that some people think denying a badge is any different than denying any other kind of resource from the other team. It's a competitive game and any edge you can get on your opponents is a boon to your team.

What also bothers me is that anyone would condemn our agent's crowd-funded helicopter ride and not say a thing about the enemy agents abusing trespassing laws for their guardians.
Lol...I remember hearing about that when I was staying Ellicott City. Much awesome.
Joe H
"butt hurt-ness", the entire story was worth reading just for that.  LOL
+Sean Smith
"In the same way that an offensive linemen tackles a quarterback, ..."

Bwahaha... pick a sport you know before you use incorrect analogies! 
+Tod Kozeluh I totally know sports. I sport all the time. I'm the best sporter alive. I move the ball from point A to B to get the points and such.
+Sean Smith I would think a quarterback would be really pissed off if his own teammate tackled him.
Attacking guardians is only fueling the fire.. Either we let our opponents get guardians, and hope we get them ourselves in return, or no-one gets any. Given it only takes 1 agent to be of the later opinion, I wish you all luck!
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