Gather ‘round kiddies as I regale you with a tale…  A tale that has become somewhat of a myth- told in hushed whispers by some, and shouted from the roof top by others … 

It has now been declassified, one of the first Helo missions for guardians.... 

Operation : Fair Thee Well My Guardian : an Agents Perspective 
 Maryland Renaissance Faire Grounds Crowsnville, MD

March 16, 2014
Ye Olde Fountain
Crown Jewel Exhibition
Dredgenought Pirate Ship
Wooden Buddha Statue
Maryland Renfaire
& Other Nondescript portals
On the week of March 9th, I became aware of a stealth plot to gain access to Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds to neutralize several portals that were headed toward their Onyx badges.  

With ENL agents in high positions, I searched for ways to gain access, as the ground had been closed for the season since Oct 20th, 2013.  And since the portals are technically on a private residential farm land (according to state tax records) we had to figure out other ways to get those portals. We contacted TOP agencies… ideas were bandied about trespassing, balloons, cloaks of invisibility, drone strikes, airplanes, helicopters, the use of secret transporters, and alien technology I didn’t even know we had.  Enlightened agents have some great secret jobs!

A decision had been made by the organizer, and the plan put into motion.  The agency that would be helping us was contacted.  Sunday was the date and the agents began pooling resources.
On Sunday we parked on the side of the road outside the Ren Fest grounds, for a team meeting. Agents XXXXX*,@Falstafff, @digitalslacker, @Ju12zo, XXXXX2* and I finalized plans.  But there was a problem.  The helicopter has having technical difficulties, and was only able to handle one person.  A call went out, would someone volunteer to be the only one? Since no one would, I did. With storms incoming, I figured if this were to be my last action, I wanted it to be for the DMV ENL, for the Enlightened community, for Ingress!

It was decided, they accepted my decision. And we then went to the secure location.   As I was one of the last to arrive, everything was ready for me. XXXXX* had already spoken with the supervisors in charge; and all that was left for me to do is be briefed and sign what I think was my will- if this were to go awry. I didn’t read them...because why… Eff the world! 

I stepped inside and a feeling of dread washed over me, what if my scanner didn’t work, what if I don’t survive, what if I disappoint the 100s of DMV ENL that don’t even know this is going on. I looked out at the 5 agents that had trusted me with the assignment. Smiled and waved to keep up appearances. 

I turned off everything running on my scanner except ingress. No distractions. Everything went quiet. I took a deep breath and I was gone. My friends and agents I have battled alongside, were gone. I was alone with my thoughts. How will I know when I get there? Will my scanner even work up here?

As I opened my eyes and my thoughts were steady and clear. I was there. I had to move with quick motions, for sure once I attack they will defend. My hands were shaking, sweating, heart racing. As the first portal came into scanner range, my Jarvis was ready and I attacked. Is it working? Did it go… oh no I bounced too quickly. I cant stop to see if it changed I hit my bursters to knock the low level portals out. My comm lit up. I don’t have time to check the messages. I know what they are saying- I’m cheating, I’m spoofing. 

No time to think. 4 more portals. Only 3 more Jarvises. I make another attempt.  I use my Jarvis, I see both have now gone through. I use my l8 bursters to knock whats left of 2 lvl 1 portals. One last portal. I was sure it had been hit by my busters, but it was at full strength. As it came into range I took a deep breath steadied my hand and attacked.  All of sudden I spot a black SUV came racing out of nowhere! He’s hauling tail across the parking lot to the gate. Does he see me, he can’t catch me. It was too late, it changed so quickly- I hardly had time to react. I did it! The grounds were clear.  

The assignment I had been entrusted with had been accomplished.  Could the agents back at HQ see?  I had time to breathe and open the Comms. As I tried to steady my breathing and sweaty hands, I read. Such anger, such accusations, such butt hurt-ness…

My teammates said everything was under control, they wouldn't let me go down for this after all because the accusations were flying. Congrats came over the comm ways. Little did I know, a fellow agent had sent a cross-faction message to RES Leaders +Kevin Hagan  and +Nikolas Moore. A heads up if you will, to let them know everything was on the up and up and to calm their agents down so they didn’t report me.

I want to thank Agents that contributed:+Steven Hirnickel ScubaNickel, +Garrett Keating digitalslacker , +Joey Izzo ju12zo,  +Joel Phillips  Falstaff, +Andrew Shields Tenthman, +Taber Andrew Bain , +Jim Typhoon , +Logan Lopez  +Jason G.  platinumhulk and several agent unknowns *

*agents have asked their names not to be revealed as they fear retaliation 

I have attached comms messages,I received that day, and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I can freely post this now... as my guardian (hunted through a bounty  system) has hit 150

 +Ingress  +NIA Ops 

+Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger  +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Matilde Tusberti  +Ethan Lepouttre +Ingress Enlighteneddmv 
Faire thee well my guardian
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