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Bail City Bail Bonds in Denver

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If you want to save money on bail and need help navigating the process, call a bail bondsman! Many people not familiar with bail do not understand what a bondsman does, and some even see them as questionable. The truth is that there are several benefits of using a bail bondsman.

A Bondsman Saves You Money
One of the most significant benefits of using a bail bondsman is that it saves you money. When you or a loved one is eligible for bail, the judge sets a price based on your charges, prior record, and other factors. There is no way to know exactly what the price will be, and it can range from a couple hundred dollars to many thousand dollars.

Most people don’t have this kind of cash laying around, and getting together the money can be difficult or impossible. This is where a bail bondsman comes in. You pay a small percentage of the full amount, and the bondsman pays the rest. As long as you abide by the bond agreement, you do not need to pay any more than that initial fee.

Advice and Assistance
Bail bondsman are also helpful when it comes to navigating the bail process. This can be especially helpful if this is your first time handling bail or getting arrested. Because bail agencies are regulated and licensed by the state, you can be assured that your bail bondsman is there to help you. Good bondsmen are available to answer your questions and help you 24 hours a day and even have various resources available to help you.

Fast Release from Jail
In many cases, using a bail bondsman to get out of jail is faster than paying bail yourself. Unless you have the cash readily available, withdrawal limits and communicating with family or friends to get the money can take some times. When you need to return to work or the comforts of your home quickly, calling a bail bondsman can expedite the release process.

When you need bail bonds in Denver, CO, call Bail City Bail Bonds at 303-573-1114 anytime!

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Your Guide To Choosing A Bondsman

If you are looking for the right bondsman for either you, or someone you know who has had been arrested, there are a couple of important things you need to be aware of when choosing the right bail bondsman…

What does a bondsman ACTUALLY do?

A bail bondsman acts as the defendant’s guarantor, meaning they take on the monetary penalty if the defendant does not make their assigned court date. In addition to acting as the guarantor for the accused person, the bondsman has a responsibility to ensure that they are paid and receive ROI they made off the defendant.

Basically, the bail bond is like a contract between the government and the person who posts the bond – and the bondsman is giving the government a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court at a later date than initially assigned,

What Should I Look For In A Bondsman?

While searching for a great bail bondsman, be aware of a few important issues that should not be overlooked:

Be aware of how bond fees work
Accessibility of the bondsman
Experience in their field and how they execute their job
In the state of Colorado, all bail bonds are recognized as “appearance bonds” in court, and can be posted by the bail bonding agent. “Personal recognizance bonds” and “property bonds” are obtained from a court.

Confirm the bail bondsman credentials, or ask for a referral from a legal representative. Checking the bondsman’s status on the Better Business Bureau is a good way to check for reputation and their honesty before contacting them,

Remember – a good bondsman will work with you and the court to eliminate any worry. When you need a bondsman to help you with you, call Bail City Bail Bonds at 303-573-1114!
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