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Chris Zumbrunn
interactive media generalist & serverjs specialist
interactive media generalist & serverjs specialist

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La Décentrale House Conventions

You are allowed to:

1. Start something that needs to be started to help advance the cause. 
Add it to Trello.

2. Make the decision you think is the right decision to make. 
When in doubt, involve the stakeholders.
...When imposing on living things, plants and animals, ask for the advice of someone with more merit and/or ask for consensus on Loomio.
...When making non-revertible changes, ask for the advice of someone with more merit and/or ask for consensus on Loomio.

3. Ask for help whenever you want it. 
Write about it on Loomio and Trello.

4. Help others whenever you can (even if they don’t ask for it). 
Read what others are doing on Loomio and Trello.

5. Take time off to do something that inspires, excites and energizes you. 

Everyone is expected to follow these conventions and everyone is expected to hold the others accountable to them. Afterall, if we didn't follow them... there'd be chaos.

la décentrale
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Mit dem Genossenschaftsprojekt La Décentrale auf dem Mont-Soleil entsteht ein Treffpunkt und Spielraum für Menschen, um Ideen für radikale Innovationen zu entwickeln, erproben und erfahren. Innovationen, die sich bewähren, tragen zu einem Kulturwandel in Richtung einer selbstorganisierten Gesellschaft mit lebensfreundlichen, dezentralen und resilienten Strukturen bei.

In und um La Décentrale gibt es viel zu tun. Wir haben zwei verlängerte Wochenenden reserviert, um anstehende Arbeiten zu erledigen. Wenn Du Lust hast, kannst Du – auch nur an einzelnen Tagen – mithelfen.

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Thank you, Rolling Stone, for exposing on whom's back they are making a killing...

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Knight Foundation: Civic leaders, organizations, funders and citizens increasingly recognize the power of technology to connect people, improve cities and make government more effective. A new report from Knight Foundation offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of the emerging civic tech landscape, including investments being made in this growing field and the organizations behind them.

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The Social Capital World Forum 2013 this year will be titled ‘Creating Space for Abundant Community‘, will be run as a Learning Village, and focus on social capital, sustainable development and participatory processes. We will be using Art of Hosting as a facilitation method to maximise opportunities for delegates to engage, share and learn.

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