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Drain & Sewer Cleaning North Central Iowa
Drain & Sewer Cleaning North Central Iowa

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July 17, 2012 (4 photos)
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Sewer pipes can suffer from failures just like everything else. From faulty materials or installation, items getting stuck in the line, invasive roots or something else sewer lines can stop functioning. Due to the concealed nature of the sewer system it is usually very difficult to locate where and diagnose what is causing the problem. In the past plumbers have had to guess at the hidden problems in the piping, guessing can become very expensive as it usually involves many dig ups that are not needed. Today we can use modern technology: sewer cameras with a color monitor that can be visually seen by ourselves and our clients during the inspection process.

Sewer cameras enable us to repair only what is necessary and leave alone your structurally sound piping which saves you money, mess and aggrevation. The camera can be inserted through different sizes of pipes in order to find the root of the problem while using transmitters to find the depth and location of the problem enabling us to give firm quotes with no unpleasant surprises.

What might the sewer camera find?

Insect infestation
Rodent infestation
Foreign objects
Tree roots
Collapsed pipes
Belly in the pipes
Misaligned pipes
Rusted out pipes
Bad fittings
Cracked pipes
Pinhole leaks

Most homeowners are responsible for the line leading from their house to the connection to the main at the street. The main line at the street is the responsibility of the city. A good way to tell if your main sewer line is backing up on your street is to ask the neighbors if they are having any problems with their sewer. Check with the neighbors on each side of you house. If they are also having problems, notify the proper city authority

A-1 Drain Cleaning, is family owned and operated in Mason City, IA. We specialize in servicing residential and commercial customers with all sewer & drain issues such as clogs, slow drains, and sewer back-ups. We use the industries best equipment, to get the job done right.
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