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Hi guys,Could u tell me which kind of Instant messaging software do u usually use?THX

Paley, look at your paper. Why have you a second time made the same mistake ___ you did it a month ago?
A. in which B. that C. if D. when

Is there anyone can answer this question?and why choose it? Thanks ^_^ 

Hello,everyone,I have an exam today morning.
And...I have a question about learning English.
I really want to know as a English speaker,  how did you to learn English when you were young?
Did you recite vocabularies specially?Or when you meet a new word which you never seen,you can know its roughly meaning at once?
Thank you:) and forgive my broken English

I'm Aerion from Shanghai,and I'm a senior high school student
I want to save my broken English.
I just can gain 90 points in the exam usually (by the way,the full mark is 150 points)
I'm afraid I need some advice on (may be on?or for? or to?) my English learning.  :(

Is there anyone can answer to this question?
Although most dreams apparently happen unconsciously,dream activities _ by outside influence.
A.may be provided B.must be provided C.should be provided D.will be provided

Why it must be A not B ?
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