At the end of our tutoring session, Rex was searching for his eraser in a panic mode.

"Where's my eraser? Where's my eraser? I cannot find my eraser!"
"I don't think you brought your eraser here today, Rex," I calmly reminded him.
"I did! I did! I did!" He insisted, and the state of his panicking escalated.

We looked everywhere, under every sheet of paper, every book, and every cranny on and under my wood table. I offered to give him a new eraser, but he turned it down, and persisted on looking for his.

"Where was the eraser last time," I asked him.
"It was on my pencil." Oh, my God. Instead of an eraser, what he was looking for was a pencil with an eraser attached to it.

Right before I concluded the session for the evening, he was having fun drawing on his little new book. Not wanting to disturb the creative moment, I quietly put all his school supplies back to where they belong. He was so into his designing process, and he was completely unaware of what was going on around him.

After I showed him, he sighed with relief. He has two pencils, but only one of them is with an eraser. He did lose his eraser.
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