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Valentino Stoll
Technology ninja with one bad ass belt.
Technology ninja with one bad ass belt.

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Which side are you?

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Bummer... all you code monkeys out there should really really make sure you've fixed this.

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#pixelpushing  Watching as the email spam trickles in with "clever" marketing around Fools Day, and I'm all like...

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Learn Ruby -- from the source!  Was looking at the latest changes in 2.1 and came across the award-winning entries of the 1st TRICK contest (sample/trick2013)!  Leading me ultimately to the /sample directory with some sweet examples of ruby in use.  Great stuff in there.

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Animated photo collages are SO cool
Time in Motion
Animated Photo Collages by Qi Wei Fong Shimmer to Life as Time Passes.

4 Photos - View album

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Lookout paperclip users.  Thankfully I've been in the habit of doing the fix for this already, but I can see where a blind eye can be turned.
Security is not one of those things can can be put off, but I won't get this done for my website until tomorrow.  Don't be like me.

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After years of having to use 3rd-party ports of the Twitter Bootstrap libary for use with SASS, and the core team just now (years later) releases official support for SASS, and I'm just like
Animated Photo

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Now I can finally make my Bat-suit.
The Mark One printer can print in four different materials, one at a time, which includes carbon fiber, fiberglass, PLA, and nylon.

A hell of a lot of useful things can be made from those.

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Fun with standing waves.
people particles being awesome.
Particles manipulated by soundwaves, awesome.

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This just seems so crazy to me... I mean, I get the SOA move, but Node.js in production?  I'll be paying with pre-paid cards anytime I use Groupon from now on.
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