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Well, gee...this could shape up to be the most value I've received from G+. Thanks, +Frank Strong !
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I have high hopes of a community bent on learning and absent self-promotion. 
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Kary Delaria

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This is perfection. I'm going to need one in poster size, please.
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I think I need a drink...
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Kary Delaria

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Vacation week is very quickly coming to an end...Back in full force on Monday.
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This is a pubic thread from a post of mine. So...similar to a "wall" I guess. Getting the email is a setting. 
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Kary Delaria

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I've been using Google+ in Safari. Should I switch to Chrome and why?
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For some reason I can't get G+ to load in Chrome but it works just fine in Firefox. Curious..
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Communications Strategist | Community Manager | Social Media Analyst

With 13 years of experience in public relations, media relations and marketing communication, I know work with clients to develop digital and social communications strategy, specializing in social media community management, monitoring and analysis. I help organization identify benchmarks, goals, and opportunities for maximizing their online presence; develop tactics to support sales and marketing objectives; and create systems to measure and monitor success.  

  • Minnetonka Sr. HIgh School
  • Mankato State University
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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Social Media
  • Communications Strategist | Community Manager | Social Media Analyst
  • Kane Consulting
    PR/Marketing, 2012
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Minnetonka, MN
Minnetonka, MN - Minneapolis, MN - Mankato, MN
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