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1439: Trenestheses
have heard it said (especially in courtrooms) that some things must be proven
beyond a reasonable doubt. But did you ever wonder why the word reasonable was so necessary in that formula?
The answer, I think, is that there are two kinds of proof –proof b...

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1438: Salient Cubic Inn
The following entry is almost like a mix-tape. Some of the
paragraphs are entirely new, while others have been rescued from a file cabinet
marked, Words Which I Wrote Once, But Didn’t Feel Like Publishing At The Time . The
result, in my opinion, is almost l...

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1437: The White Circle
You have heard
it said, ‘When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.’ But I am
engaged, presently, in a much more curious switcheroo than that – namely, that
behind the closed door is something (seemingly) custom-made for me, and through
the (blata...

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1436: Royal Octu Noelyn
In 2012, I made a rather large mistake. I met someone who
was, by and large, a very normal and relatable representation of our human
journeys, except assumed that this person was sufficiently advanced (sufficiently
more intelligent, and beautiful, and well-...

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1435: Super-Cola Dilemma
Before my life turned around for the better, I was often saddened by certain gatherings. I suppose there is no simpler way to explain it than to say that I was chest-deep in envy, that none of my adventurous talking & socializing made me feel any closer to ...

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1434: Caboose Ruse
Does respect mean the same thing as look up to? In some contexts and Thesauruses,
maybe. But I will offer an interpretation based on the Latin; it is re + spicio .
The spicio means to look, or to watch.
The re can mean again , but here it is best translated...

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1433: Lightning On The Letter-Monster
I have read certain books which do not impress me. In order to describe them, I might choose any number of unflattering adjectives: boring , dissatisfying , empty , futile , tedious , or overly long . Yet (inevitably) after I share my impressions, someone a...

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1432: Super Celsius Kid
1. I am repulsed by the concept of silencing. It is difficult to know the origin of my disgust, but a nasty childhood story is often given credit. What do I mean by silencing? The idea of suppressing someone's voice, turning the volume down until nobody can...

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1431: The Cereal Submarine
In some movies (likely a cartoon for kids, but in some very serious productions as well), there is a character who is an obvious liar. Our heroes trust them (despite the flowing bad-guy capes and evil mustaches) leaving us to ask, 'Why in Thunder would any ...

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1430: Mack Bisclaveret
Some of the Funniest People I've Ever Known: 1. A former employer of a family member. He was like the king in some anachronistic medieval comedy (so determined to secure his Control and power, that he filled his castle with a comedy of errors). 2. An estran...
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