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Peter David; his birth story
Friday, March 11th, 2016. If you had told me when I woke up that
morning that I would be holding my son less than twenty-four hours
later, I wouldn’t have believed it, though I probably would have hugged you for
thinking such a lovely thought. He wasn’t goi...

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Hannah & Marcus; Engagement
The day we were supposed to shoot Hannah & Marcus's engagement session was rainy and dreary and thunderstorming all day. I shot Hannah a text asking her if she wanted to reschedule. Instead, Hannah said that they were up for it, that they didn't mind the ra...

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Kelsey and Mark; wedding
 The day that Kelsey and Mark wed was a hot, sticky June day, but despite the mugginess, everyone looked fresh and breezy as they eagerly anticipated these two quiet, thoughtful people becoming one. The venue that they chose to get married at is one of my a...

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EJ & Meaghan; Wedding
I'll be honest with you; the thought of shooting a wedding less than two months after having a baby scared me half to death. I didn't want to leave my newborn for that long. I wasn't sure how he would do. I wasn't sure how I would do since I breastfeed. S...

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Not Mustard, Catch Up
Well hello there! You probably forgot I even had a blog, didn't you?  Over the past year, I've been pretty absent from this blog. And I don't want to make any excuses for myself or anything, but I've kind of been a bit busy growing a baby, buying a fixer up...

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Rosie & Mama; a Fairy Inspired Shoot
"When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies ..."    Hey there! Long time no see. >,< Yes, I have been very absent from my...

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the comparison seige
the comparison factor.   you wake up, stretch your toes out as far as you can, and
give an over dramatic yawn. checking the clock, you see that it’s eight. “not
too shabby,” you think. “it’s still pretty early.”   you reach over the side of your bed, find y...

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Louie & Lauren; proposal
"Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling, so it goes, Some things were meant to be... For I can't help falling in love with you..." Louie contacted me through my Facebook business page and asked if he could give me a call. We talked and he excitedly e...

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The Vulnerability of Being Human
The thought struck me while staring out the
window. My hands dipped in soapy, crummy water. Scraping away the remains of an
earlier meal consumed and already forgotten. My head slightly ached from thinking, but I breathed in
the spring air coming through my...

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Lenna & Peter; wedding
"I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart, But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start... You put your arms around me and I'm home." Christina Perri - Arms   When Lenna messaged me about shooting her wedding, my fi...
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