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Traveling Oregon in a Tesla - Photo Journal (Part 1 - Painted Hills)
This is the first summer that I've owned a Tesla. Our Model X 90D arrived in October and we've put about 12,000 miles on it since then. To put this into perspective, most years I only drive about 8,000 miles. This vehicle is a lot of fun and we've been usin...

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Towing w/ A Tesla
Yesterday I moved my camper to a new storage facility. The trip was only about 45 miles and mostly on Interstate 5. This gave me a chance to see the range impact of towing on the Tesla Model X. 2016 Tesla Model X towing a Coleman Tacoma pop-up camper  Befor...

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The Ultimate Nerd Road Trip 2017
This summer I'll be taking the Model X on several road trips. One of them I've dubbed The Ultimate Nerd Road Trip 2017. It's a road trip from Portland, OR to San Diego to attend Comic-Con. I've never been to Comic-Con. This should be fun. A friend and I are...

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The 80-20 Rule of EV Driving
The Pareto Principle or as it's better know, the 80-20 Rule, has been applied to many things. The principle says that 80% of a business's sales come from 20% of their customers and that 80% of revenue is from only 20% of the products offered. The generalize...

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When Will Tesla Hit 200,000 Sales in the U.S.? [Q2 2017 Update]
We've been tracking Tesla's sales for some time now. Specifically, the sale of the 200,000th vehicle in the US is an important milestone since it will trigger the US Federal incentive to begin a phase out 3 to 6 months later. There are hundreds of thousands...

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Tesla Model 3 Countdown Begins
Thanks to a tweet from Elon Musk, we now have a date for the Model 3 event and it's the 28th of July. The first Model 3 owners will be handed their keys by Elon Musk on stage. From the Tesla investor newsletter, we have even more details about the Model 3. ...

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EV Range: How Much Is Enough?
With the Chevy Bolt EV hitting the sales floor, the affordable 200+ mile EV has arrived. The Tesla Model 3 will be arriving soon this year with two battery options that are greater than 200 miles. Nissan, BMW, and others are, at least for now, are sticking ...

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Tesla Model 3 Test Drives Are Coming
Telsa will hold test drive events for prospective Model 3 customers later this year. This is your chance to test drive Tesla's newest electric car. But unfortunately, there’s a catch. Model 3 is one of the most feverishly-anticipated cars in automotive hist...

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Who Killed the FCV?
There's a chalk outline on the ground. As you walk past the Police tape you hear "Nothing to see here; move along." As we discussed here , Toyota is following consumer demand and has turned its attention away from fuel cell vehicles to battery electric vehi...

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Vote on Tesla's Project Loveday
A ten-year-old girl named Bria Loveday wrote a letter to Elon Musk and suggested that he hold a contest for fan-made Tesla ads. Musk accepted and "Project Loveday" was born. The challenge was issued to Tesla fans to create a 90 second or shorter homemade ad...
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