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Farewell to winter, greetings to everyone, it's been a while... :)
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Beautifully done! Surely has been a while :)
A wonderful one, well done Maria. And yes it has been some time. I hope that you are all right.
I sure hope so! :)
great detail, nice capture!
This looks more like Hello to Winter! Great exposure and comp, very appealing subject.
+Susan Cole Kelly haha, you're right of course, it was taken right in the heart of winter! Glad you like it :)
Oh my goodness, the detail here is just incredible! So beautiful, +Mary Kay :)
awsome shot, love the intense color of the leaf and the contrast to the snow...
Hi, my name is Bijan and I added you as my friend, hope you don't mind. Being also a photographer and loving it, I thought to share with you my website at: most welcome to visit, while there you will see my contact info. Take care
Thanks Bijan, of course i Dont mind, makes G+ really Inistering to meet new folks, i shall view your pics & posts in a few days ok..  Ciao for now..
Thank you.., more to come when I am back from my trip around Utah and Arizona. 
I know you must have heard this before but Do you know who the famous lady named Mary Kay was and the empire she built before she passed 3 years ago this Thanksgiving.  You should read about her life.  She was a wonderful, creative, innovative women of our times. Just saying........ Your name has some greatness attached to it.  I love your photos.
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