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Sarah Dayley
Fangirl. All day. Every day.
Fangirl. All day. Every day.


If you have been on this page every since the beginning a remember the actual page 'Different' like this post. 

When i person i barely know ask for my number im just like.... "Ok... i guess where friends now"

I feel so much joy when I put my hand up to High-5 a stranger and they ACTUALLY High-5 me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister gets mad when somebody we BOTH know only say's hi to me.  I just laugh..... sisterhood is funny that way.  

i hate those moments when you don't know what to say.......


I hope you liked this post.

when im not with my family im like "I miss them' but when im with my family i think to myself " WOW. my family members are nuts!!!"

+1 if you have those moments when your online and your like..... " ok i will start my homework in a minute" 30 minutes later "uh screw homework" 


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