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Really excited about this!
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Akshay Kothari

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my new favorite photo blog - the incredibly classy animated GIFs
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yeah you're right. it must be a tool that let's you select an area, in this case the sitting guy's and girl's moving silhouette and then overlay that silhouette with equivalent sections from other pics in the series... I wonder if there's any special tools to create these sort of gifs. I can see how this can be done with usual gif animation tools, but I guess there is still a lot of manual mocking around... anyways, great stuff. If the purpose of photography is to freeze moments, then this is photography on steroids. it lets you freeze a moment, yet draw the viewer's attention to a particular action that happened in that moment... +Osher Gunsberg any experiences with this?
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Akshay Kothari

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First live interview for Pulse.
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probably just an error on my computer, but the error message made me smile - mixes of languages with funny implications :)

"500 Internal Server Error
Leider ist etwas schiefgegangen.
Eine Spezialeinheit hat die Mission übernommen, das Problem zu lösen.If you see them, show them this information"
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Akshay Kothari

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**** originally shared:
Its so Heavy...!!
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Akshay Kothari

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Just received this praise on Pulse, which makes the last two years (and the many years to come) totally worth it. “ Pulse News is perfect for retired seniors over 70 The app is wonderful source for......
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Count me as your big fan.
I need a partner to help me create many apps for the art of living and making the world wise. Please let me know if you are interested.

I have been researching wisdom/emotional-intelligence for over 35 years. I have published over 1600 articles and developed practical programs like the following:
A New Key to the Art of Living: Braintecness..

4th R Foundation: We Have the Blueprint for Creating a Wise Society. It is up to Our Leaders to Follow Through With Our Proposals.
The key to a wise society is to define, know, understand and implement the true meaning of each and every significant word that is crucial for human life.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/12/27
What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is an innate property/ability of the pure self; which is generated by an emotional baggage free brain.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/12/23

It is Clear From the Success of Bitcoin That the Time Has Come to Create a Currency That is by the People, of the People and for the People - Dignitycash is This Currency Owned by You and Everyone Else
The most important first step is to decide if man is going to take this immense, unbelievable and real opportunity to remove this problem of lack of resources by mining the internet cloud. The choice is up to you to lift mankind to new untold riches.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/12/13

Dignitycash: It is an Internet-Generated Currency That Provides Financial Power to the Rich and Poor Alike; Mining Dignitycash From the Internet Cloud by Cashing the Human Financial Dignity of Man
Providing a virtual and real currency for use by members and non-members of an online community via a global computer network; an online and real-time currency generated by the power of your/human financial dignity and the basic goodness of man.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/12/10
Dear President Obama: The Report Card on the Performance of Your Education Leadership is Out; It is a Dismissal Failure; "US Teens Lag in Global Education as Other Countries Rise to the Top"
In spite of all the dynamics of an enthusiastic education leadership we are still stuck with little education improvement because we are fully focused on mind education while not just neglecting brain education; we even miseducate the brain.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/12/06
How to Measure Wisdom/Emotional-Intelligence
Measuring wisdom is determining the self image level of the person. For emotional intelligence it is about measuring the emotional baggage level of the person. Both amount to measuring selflessness/selfishness generating capacity of the individual.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/11/27
Kind Attention President Obama: Your Promise of Change is Slipping Away. You Can and Must Change America For Real From an Emotionally Normal Society into an Emotionally Super Healthy Society
You can yet become the Education President, change America and improve the quality of life for all Americans. You can accomplish all this and more by changing America by freeing the masses from the burden of their emotional baggage.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/11/20
Kind Attention President Obama: What Happened to You Being the Education President? You Still Have the Opportunity to Become the Greatest Innovative Education President Ever. It is All in Your Hands
The latest field of brain education holds the key to wisdom education that mankind is still struggling to fully develop. Emotional-intelligence/wisdom/brain/art-of-living education are all fundamentally one and the same; they are all brain therapy!

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/11/17
An Open Appeal to the Greatest Sage of the Art of Living: Oprah Winfrey - You Have Done More for Brain/Life Education Than Anyone Else; We Want to Offer You the Blueprint for Your Next Leap Forward
We have figured out the fundamental massage of the Holy Scriptures that explains why society is in such a mess and how man can get rid of this mess. God made man pure, man listened to Satan and became impure. All man has to do is become pure again.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/11/14
A Brain Education Research Wing in Universities is Needed With Experts From Neuroscience, Pedagogy, Cognition, Art of Living and Religion; Who Will Cross Reference and Jointly Research Brain Education
We also need a Brain Education Conference where the leading experts from neuroscience, pedagogy, cognition, philosophy, art of living and religion can jointly research out a road map for brain education. Where the Dalai Lama and Oprah are invited....

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/11/11
4th R Foundation: Our Modern Sages of Wisdom Are the Biggest Barrier to Knowing What is Wisdom and How it Can be Taught.
Our wisdom sages are busy trying to put wisdom under the microscope; as if it is an independent entity. In this age of neuroscience and emotional intelligence it is high time that our sages understand that wisdom is a byproduct of a healthy brain

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/11/07
Kind Attention HH Sheikha Moza: Innovation Has Been Brought to the Center Stage Thanks to the Latest Wise Summit. However Innovation is Not the Only Key to Making Education Cutting Edge Perfect
Mainstream education needs to wake up to the insights that are already there by way of religion. The Holy Scriptures are giving mankind insights of what is the key to effective education. The Holy Koran makes it very clear what is education for life.

Video Release    Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/11/04
It is Amazing that the Keynote Speech at the WISE Education Summit by HH Sheikha Moza Was All About Singing the Praises of Innovation, as if the World is not Aware of the Significance of Innovation
The speech should have been solely about 'the education we don't have that we need'. This was a perfect platform to announce a new subject that teaches emotional-intelligence/brain/wisdom/life education. There should not be room for further mistakes.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/11/01

Kind Attention: HH Sheikha Moza: Education for Life is About Purifying the Human Potential! It is About Making Man Selfless. It is About Enabling the Human Brain to Project the Pure Self
Education for life has to be designed around how we can avoid any current infants and future children suffering the ill fate of an emotionally challenged upbringing and how we can restore selflessness in those students who enter the classroom selfish

Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/10/29

HH Sheikha Moza: The Most Relevant Theme of All is Missing From this WISE Summit! The Program Theme Should be: What is Education for Life and Can We Create a Subject That Teaches Education for Life?
Your Highness has the power to translate into reality what the world for thousands of years has been struggling to achieve - a society that is happy, healthy, secure, loving, authentic, wealthy & wise. Together we can achieve all this and more.

Video Release    Print it   PDF Version     Email It    Attachments | 2013/10/27
Kind Attention: HH Sheikha Moza: The Ivy League Universities Will Have to Come to the Same Conclusion; That Education for Life is Brain/Wisdom/Emotional-Intelligence Therapy
Your Highness: Your experts must realize that education for life is not about teaching, it is about making the emotionally challenged brains healthy. Your Highness can initiate real education for life. Your Highness has the power please use it wisely.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/10/25
Kind Attention: HH Sheikha Moza: Congratulations for Providing the Platform for Real Education Reform. Your Current WISE Theme 'Education for Life' is Exactly the Innovation That Education Needs
The Coming Wise Summit has the Right Theme, 'Reinventing Education for Life' But You Must Bear in Mind That Education for Life is Not Traditional Education.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/10/14
Why Mayor Booker is Needed on the National Stage
He is presidential material. It is about time that he enters the national stage. He will be a cross between President Reagan and President Obama; striking the right balance.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/10/11
Kind Attention HH Sheikha Moza Pl. Wake Up: The Fundamental Mess in Education is Not About Regular Education; it is About Emotionally Challenged Brains
We want to wake you up to the fact that the real fundamental factor that needs to be addressed in order to reform and innovate education will remain under the radar screen at your Wise Summit.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/10/10
An Open Letter to Secretary Arne Duncan: We Have a New Innovative Route to Education Reform. We Are Challenging You to Either Prove Us Wrong Or Take Action. No Action Will Mean You Still Don't Get It
America and the world is reeling from the emotional baggage that our current education system ignores. Removing the emotional baggage from the brains of the young and old through wisdom education is the only way out of the current education mess.

Print it   PDF Version     Email It | 2013/09/14

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I want to create apps for these.

If you are interested please let me know.

Kind regards

Sajid Khan
4th R foundation
2 Union Place
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
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Akshay Kothari

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Pulse in WSJ!
Amazon started shipping its Kindle Fire Monday, a day earlier than it had said it would, ramping up competition as tablet-makers tout customized apps.
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Slightly old video - we are 2x the size now, and it is 4x the fun now. Still hiring - come join us!
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Akshay Kothari

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Team workouts FTW!
Cristina Cordova originally shared:
Just in case you were worried our team doesn't get enough exercise. Midday team pushups in full swing.
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what .s
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I try to be the glue for some of the smartest people I've met and currently work with.
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