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For everyone that asks about my gear, check out  my review of the #Induro  CT-214 Carbon Fiber Tripod

#photogear   #tripod   #photoblog   #carbonfiber  
DISCLAIMER: I do not blindly recommend that people buy photo gear because someone recommended it. However since a lot of people ask me what gear I use, I thought i'd show what I use and why I chose it. Also note that I am writing this review long after I have purchased the item in order to give an accurate review on how the product performs after extensive use.    When looking for photo gear, I get into my super meticulous/gotta-get...
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Took the new #ipad  and #camranger  out for a little spin by the #brooklynbridge  
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Was asked to shoot #headshots , so I tried my hand at a +Peter Hurley style with some of my speed lights. First time ever shooting head shots. 
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 ❤~❤❤❤~❤ :)👍 
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John Butterill originally shared to Virtual Photo Walks:
The Mission:
Funding for VPW mainly comes from John Butterill
Virtual Photo Walks Inc is a 501c3 public charity in the USA.
Virtual Photo Walks™ mission is to thus enable those who are immobilized by disability, illness or age to escape their isolation and re-engage with society virtually. Those whom we will service learn to use mobile video chat tools to virtually participate in events in selected locations around the world and then use those same tools to engage with their family and friends and to more efficiently interact with their caregivers. 
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Trying my hand at some #boudoir photography
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Your artistry has improved greatly and she is a beautiful canvas. Well played cousin.
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Did #GooglePlus make images on the feed smaller? #WTF
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They're completing changing the UI, so who knows. Photos are now separate, as are hangouts. And events aren't even incorporated yet in the new G+. You can still access most of G+ "classic" for now.
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It was great to listen to +Rick Sammon today. If you didn't go, you missed out. #AdoramaNYC #RickSammon #ImAFan
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Check out the new blog post where I talk about beginner's #flash  photography and pay hommage to +Roy Hubbard  adn +Gary Fong 
I used to be a "Natural Light Photographer". I used to shun the use of flashes because of the harsh highlights they produced and fake look it gave to people in photos. I vowed to never use flashes.....because I had no clue how to use them. Secretly, I would look at photos that were shot with flashes and wonder how the hell those photographers go the shot to look so good. I watched some videos, but they were so technical that it sounded ...
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It's never a bad night to jump on the train and shoot the #brooklynbridge 
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Another #boudoir shot. Trying different edits. 
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Of course I should be cleaning, but I side tracked and felt like shooting someone in the face so.......................
#lowkey   #portrait   #allphotographershaveadd  
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It looks very professional and very very very good camera craftsmen ship 
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Have him in circles
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Photographer / Graphic Designer
Portrait Photography, Urban Photography, Studio Photography, Branding Design
  • Brooklyn Born Productions
    Photographer/Designer, 2009 - present
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Photographer and Graphic Designer - Brooklyn Born Productions
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2012 Young Ones Competition Winner
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I am a frequent shopper at Adorama. While most people shop at B&H because the store is bigger and has more on display, I go to Adorama because they actually answer my questions. I have done research for weeks on a lens when I start asking questions about it, the employee usually knows everything I have researched and more without even touching the computer. I have been there many times to ask a ton of questions and left without buying anything. Every time I come back, I am still given excellent customer service. I have actually even been talked out of purchases that would be a waste of my money. If you e-mail questions or requests in advance, they are always responded to. I don't see much of a price difference between this store and B&H, but Adorama has more kit sales and often gives out free accessories with a major purchase. If you're going to visit, grab a "Lighting" ticket. Any of these guys will be able to make you leave that store fully understanding whatever it is you wanted to know about.
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Going to B&H will give you a different feeling every time you leave. On the upside, the store is very big, has a great selection of products to look at and try. Some of the people there are very friendly and I will say that I have never felt like I was being "sold" anything. On the downside, sometimes you have to wait on really long lines to ask for information or try out a product that is behind the counter. It's a shame that there are times when you ask a simple question about a product and the response is I don't know. One gentle behind the counter where the Fuji cameras are told a friend of mine to go read the manual before he could even finish asking his question. Rude! We both went and got brand new Fujis from Adorama for the same price and both came with free gifts. Not all of the people are rude there. Some are very patient, there's just quite a few bad apples there who could use an etiquette lesson.
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