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Tina Eldridge
Hi my name is Tina
Hi my name is Tina


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Christmas Card
Hi My  Friends Can you believe I forgot to press publish last night (this morning) and only managed to get to the computer now 10.20pm ish as Craig and and Pia came for lunch and ended up staying longer. What a lovely day!!. This is my 1st Christmas card th...

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My Grandsons card
Hi my friends We have had a very busy couple of weeks as you can imagine. I can't believe Phoenix will be 2 weeks old today. Paul has taken time off so we can go and see Phoenix as often as we can but we have also managed to do lots of jobs around the house...

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Fantastic News
 Hi Blog Friends Just had to let you all know our Grandson arrived safely yesterday, albeit early. Claire had been booked in for Monday 13th Nov to be induced at 38 weeks. I saw her on Monday and my goodness he must have had a growing spurt over the weekend...

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Light a candle
Hi Blog friends I was hoping to get this on my blog earlier hoping that more of you could have taken part, only if you wanted to though. This week has been Baby Loss Awareness Week 9-15th October. On the 15th October people around the world light a candle a...

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Onwards & Upwards
Hi my blog friends This is just a quickie to let you know I have had my operation. It was booked for the 7th Sept but they rang me on the 17th Aug and said any chance you could come in on Monday 21 Aug. I jumped at the chance, well as much as you could to h...

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I'm so sorry it's been so long.
Hello to everyone that still drops in. Lovely to see you again, and I'm so sorry it's been so long. Claire has given me permission to tell my friends our fantastic news that Claire & Toby are expecting another baby. They were over for a family Bar B Q on Su...

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Hello Friends
Hi my blog friends I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your messages on my last blog as it has been quite a tough time with anniversaries, Thank you for all your lovely comments and for sticking with me and my family through this awful year. I'm glad you all lik...

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My little make for my little Evelyn
Hi my friends. This heart was meant to be given to Claire at Evelyn's party, but after my op I couldn't sit in my workroom too long to finish it. So I thought I would give it to her & Toby when they got home from their holiday in Morocco. I was just going t...

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Evelyn's Birthday
Hello friends Firstly I have to say a really big Thank you to all of you for your thoughts for our beautiful Granddaughters 1st birthday anniversary. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd March were real thought provoking times for us all. There were tears of what should have...

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"Golden Oldie's"
Hi My Blog Friends. I'll start this message with my appointment to have an op on Thursday 23rd. We arrived for the appointment at 12.15 about 1 o'clock I was taken to my ward all the usual ob's done, and I found out I was 2nd on the list for my surgeon. The...
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