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Peering behind the Temple Doors
Whilst watching a fascinating Beatles documentary this Saturday, ( Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution : BBC2, 03/06/17) I was treated to perhaps the clearest image yet of our old friend from the RAOB, or Legionnaire from the order of the Buffaloes to give him...

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Dead men tell no tales
Is it a coincidence or simple synchronicity that Paul
McCartney’s appearance as a pirate in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie
should be slated for release in the UK on the self-same day that Apple Corps
release the 50 th anniversary edition of ...

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Upcoming Pepper Movie
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…Sgt Pepper And Beyond , is a forthcoming documentary movie to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper. According to the blurb it will '...will journey through various solo projects to the release of Strawberr...

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Too Hip to Blip or a tale of two faces
I have long been wary about getting drawn into the debate about facial comparisons concerning the erstwhile Sir Paul McCartney, largely because there are so many variables to be factored in that it becomes impossible to ever achieve a definitive conclusion....

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Who is this now?
Just a short post to recommend an excellent new movie on YouTube entitled 'Who Is This Now?'. The movie is described by its maker thusly; 'Did Paul McCartney really die in a car crash on the night of Sept 11,
1966, or was it all just an elaborate hoax? A y...

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Strange times
My attention was piqued very recently by show on Channel 4
(UK) entitled Kids
on the Edge: The Gender Clinic . The show dealt with the large number of
children being referred for treatment for an issue with Gender Identity. What really caught my attention t...

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Is Percy Thrillington really Tara Browne?
I am
wondering if Percy Thrillington isn’t an allusion to Tara Browne? Firstly,
there is more than a passing resemblance in the photo of Percy to Tara. Percy Thrillington and Tara Browne Secondly,
Percy is portrayed as a high living, moneyed, upper class me...

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Is the Sgt Pepper record cover a treasure map?
Is the Sgt Pepper record cover a treasure map? Originally, the sleeve had been commissioned from the Dutch
artists, The Fool, however Beatle associate and art gallery owner, Robert
Fraser, suggested they get a ‘real’ artist to design it. The initial idea is...

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The Beatles and Secret Societies
The Beatles and Secret Societies Does the Sgt Pepper LP cover reveal secrets of an O.T.O
initiation? Could it be a Gnostic Mass? Is it a funeral for a friend? Could it
be a homage to long lost pagan deities? Quite possibly it could be all of the above and m...

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False Rumour - The beginning of the PID myth?
  When this article appeared in the Beatles Monthly Magazine it gave birth to the biggest Beatles conspiracy of them all - that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash. Was this a deliberate ploy or purely incidental? You decide. Consider the facts. T...
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