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Paralympic Problems
I've heard a lot of people express their disappointment regarding the conclusion of the Olympics. I totally understand, but let's get real, football is starting so that will ease the pain. For those who aren't football fans, the closing ceremonies can trigg...

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Frugal Father
I get accused of being cheap quite regularly, but it isn't my fault. Really. I was raised by the penny-pinching master.  (Here is proof. Too cheap to buy goggles? No worries, just use a Ziploc bag.) My dad's distaste for spending money on unnecessary things...

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How To Shake Hands In Texas
So not much has happened since I last wrote. Unless you consider Porter quitting his job at Goldman Sachs, starting grad school at Baylor University, and moving us to Texas an eventful couple of months, there isn't much else to report. I decided to sit down...

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People of Wal Mart
If you are anxious to read another really good one-arm story, you are in for a new kind of treat. This one is an older story (happened back when I was dating Porter), but it's a good one. We were making our way to Loa for an Easter celebration. Let me tell ...

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Identifiable Information
So I can't sleep due to a recent panic attack. Before I get into how that went down, here is the back story: I had a work party at the Lindon Aquatics Center. Porter had previously committed to do a speaking engagement, so I called up my sister-in-law to se...

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Dime Piece
Haven't updated in a while because my life is so overwhelmingly glamorous I just can't find the time anymore. And by glamorous, I mean Porter and I are working or in different states all of the time so we never get to hang out. BUT we did get to see each ot...

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Sleep Talkin'
For someone who only has ¾’s of his limbs, Porter sure knows
how to hog our bed and keep me from ever getting a good night’s sleep. Porter and I never slept in the same room until we were
married. Had I ever been present for one of Porter’s nightly routines...

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Raise Both Of Your Arms, Sir.
It's probably time to update this blog. My cousin, Ryan, just got back from NY and stopped by last weekend. One of the first questions he asked was, "So do you have any new one-arm stories?" Blogging fail. Yes, yes we do. I have just been a slacker.  So I w...

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Emergency Exit Rejects
The past couple of weeks have been special. Two Sunday’s
ago, we were on our way to a baby blessing. Porter was driving and I was in the
passenger’s seat. I was looking up the address of the church building we needed
to go to when my phone slipped from my f...

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At It Again
Jack and Sally went out on the town this Halloween. Aside from scaring our niece, Mary, I would say it was a success. And now that Halloween is over, we can get to the good stuff. A
couple of weeks ago, my grandma and I made a trip up to Primary
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