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3 more days! What are you the most excited about during Thanksgiving?

Is it the parades, food or family and friends gathering together to share a meal?

#ColonCancer   #Thanksgiving  

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Life after a Colon Cancer treatment is never easy.

Survivor Robin McGee, Author of the The Cancer Olympics, shares her tips.

#ColonCancer #Cancer #CancerOlympics

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More communities need to do this!

The Cascade City-County Health Department (CCHD) teams up with the Community Health Care Center to provide colon cancer screening and flu shots.

#ColonCancer #Cancer #ColonCancerScreening

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You are a miracle.

#ColonCancer #Survivor

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What is Low Anterior Resection Syndrome? Find out from Author Dr. Robin McGee.

*To buy the Cancer Olympics go to

#ColonCancer  #Cancer

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Author of The Cancer Olympics Dr. Robin McGee shares her secret weapon for coping with Colon Cancer.

Find out what it is in the video below.

#ColonCancer   #Cancer  #TheCancerOlympics

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Let's be honest, most people are not very happy with the idea of carrying around a colostomy bag after a surgical procedure. 

It's assumed that a colostomy bag will be part of the process if surgery is involved. How true is this?

#ColonCancer   #Cancer  

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Do you think patients should be screened at an earlier age? 

#ColonCancer   #Cancer  #Screening

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CyberKnife is used to treat colon cancer through radiosurgery.

But radiosurgery isn't the only CyberKnife application. Find out from Dr. John Kresl which are the best applications for CyberKnife.

#ColonCancer #Cancer #CyberKnife

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The Oncotype DX can tell you valuable information like the likelihood of colon cancer coming back. It can also help you decide on your best colon cancer treatment with confidence.

But when do you order this test? Find out in the video below.

#ColonCancer #Cancer #OncotypeDX
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