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i roleplay as cute girls to reflect my inner self
i roleplay as cute girls to reflect my inner self

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cleaned up my Planetouched Contribution in Favor of using Arcane Background (Magic) with appropriate trappings for representing planetouched characters,

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when will we recieve a free setting neutral version of Swift D12? complete with Rules for creating races by using the feat system as a guideline?

i skimmed the PDF and i noticed a lot of the Feats are pretty much an alternative way to boost damage in place of strength, you could actually trim down a lot of page count by making your weapon damage scale with the combat attribute and the appropriate weapon skill. for example, a sword would recieve damage bonuses from the combat attribute and melee skill, while a bow or gun would recieve damage bonuses from the combat attribute and shooting skill.

this would bring scrapper closer in power to sorcerer. because sorcerers apply their magic attribute and appropriate magic skill to damage rolls for spells. plus, magic tends to be quite flexible.

i know it would mean removing a lot of feats. but it should free up room for more interesting combat feats that do something cool rather than switch a number or few around.

this also frees up attribute choices for warrior type characters. in case somebody wanted to play a cunning but slight framed warrior or they wanted to play a charismatic tactician with average strength.

right now, warriors are either forced to invest in the strength attribute or spend a feat to use a different primary attribute as a legacy problem derived from d20 when it makes sense, that training for combat would increase your damage more than lifting weights would or ever should.

i would also probably make a system for adding the combat attribute (no skill bonus) to resilience. because fighters should roll with the punches pretty well as well.

primary attributes should be useful for the basis for skill checks involving that attribute. but at the same time, a warrior shouldn't have to spend their primary attribute points in a way that makes them better at fighting. one of the biggest mistakes of d20, was allowing primary attributes to affect combat related numbers rather than letting a character's martial training affect them.

having recieved a 2nd degree blackbelt in kenpo, hapkido and tae kwan do, and having being trained in a variety of medieval weapons. i can say that even though strength helps you carry the weapon, that your combat training matters a lot more than how strong or agile you are. and matters a lot more than the size or range of the weapon.

shooting a pistol isn't as easy as aiming and pulling the trigger. and training matters more than agility. so i would like to suggest, that the combat attribute and relevant combat related skills applicable to the weapon be applied to the damage roll instead of applying modifiers for how strong or agilie you are.

it actually won't turn scrapper into the god edge. it will probably put scrappers bonuses on par with the flexibility of Savant or Sorcerer, and remove the mandatory physical attribute focus for fighters. allowing such things as the weasly cunning fighter or the nimble duelist to be viable.

the big thing with d20. was every fighter invested in strength, dexterity and constitution, and dumped intelligence and charisma, leading to no variety of fighters whatsoever, because strength affected offense, dexterity affected initiative and armor class, and constitution boosted hit points and fortitude saves.

by putting all the weapon combat related benefits onto the scrapper edge. you free up attributes for fighter versatility, and allow for more freed up pagecount for new feats. such as resilence bonuses or weapon damage.

+Jerrod Gunning

i have a Question

is there going to be a Video this Week?

did you change the day on your GM hangout?

do you need guest members?

Game Freak? why can't you give the Eeveelution movepools a massive overhaul? i want to see the Eeveelutions learn moves that actually benefit from the good side of thier stat pool, get some decent coverage they an actually use well. i want to see Eeveelutions shine in a world where everybody seems to be using ultra Beasts, Pseudolegendaries, Greninja, and a select few mega evolutions.

i know that convincing my GM will be a pipe dream. but if he is running a mercenary company in december. i need help coming up with and proposing a series of character guidelines ala the Troupe Rules from Ars Magica.

Ars Magica had 3 Character types that everybody had a character of.

the Magus, restricted to 1 at a time per player, who was the privileged and educated powerhouse that started with lots of experience. the magus didn't always use magic, but they were central to the story

the companion, who was an elite companion to the Magus, also restricted to 1 at a time per player. the companion was a magus without the extra experience.

the Grog, of which a player needed a minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 apiece, the grog was a low ranking greenhorn with some useful skills, akin to an allied extra. they were easily defeated by companions and magi, and grogs covered everything from the college student to the rank and file grunt soldier.

i need help coming up with setting neutral terms for these.

i need help coming up with and statting out concepts for a 21st century Tropicana Mercenary Game in the Caribbean on Saturdays starting in December. being familiar with Weekly William, he runs mostly combat heavy games, is really stingy with bennies, and generally likes to shaft players with the starting gear and starting experience.

i was trying to think of how i could fit a small statured young adult female geek into a mercenary group similar to blackwater, and all i could think of was making her the medic or the techie of the group. but i might make her the general geek of the group. knowing i will probably need a d10 smarts and jack of all trades to fill out her intense list of obscure and seemingly situational knowledges.

i intend for her to do the following 3 things.

1. Negotiate deals and pick up rumors to accelerate the story
2. heal up the party's wounds and patch up thier equipment
3. be the Geek of the team and do lots of investigating with a smart phone or something. have lots of obscure knowledges and be a bit of a Mythology/Fantasy Otaku.
4. come up with an innocently cute but annoyingly offputting pokemon related analogy for everything.

i came across something odd in a sunday one shot.

the Sunday guy was Running a low tech fantasy game and most of the magic items were stand ins for modern tech. it was a 2 hour session with an additional 30 minutes dedicated to character creation.

it was supposed to be a traditional OSR dungeon crawl done using savage worlds to show you can do D&D style fantasy using savage worlds and have it work more smoothly than D&D

i roll up a Doll Like Elven rogue who dabbled a bit in illusions. the other 4 people roll up a City Born Half Orc who works as a Vintner, a Rabbit Eared Halfling in a Dress that healed people with Magic and smited her enemies with a 2handed axe, a Drow Dominatrix and a human wizard that talked to people or blew them up.

the table is all Awkward because the half orc is the one character who isn't of a suitable adventuring profession because he works as a vintner and the group would be held back by his wine selling shenanigans,

i kid you not, the half orc who was completely useless at everything else. was winning enemies over by offering to sell them his fine wines he personally made from his uncle's grapes. we didn't get to use most of our dungeon crawling skills because the Vintner was winning stuff over by selling wine. and he blew all of his starting money on wine to sell.

the guy everybody thought was going to be a burden, made everyone else look like a burden. he was literally a minmaxed vintner who was useless at everything except making wine and bartering.

with Advice from earlier. i decided to repost the next update to the nymph.

Petite: Nymphs have a figure and appearance that passes them for the younger part of the human spectrum, passing for 12-14 by human standards due to their build and features alone, they also don't really grow very far past 5 feet and rarely ever go much further, a nymph is typically size -1 and has a -1 penalty on strength rolls. a nymph can buy off each of these 2 penalties as a separate advance (but not at character creation), and until then, cannot take any size increasing edges or hindrances (like Brawny or Obese for example). a nymph can't take the the small hindrance because she effectively already has it. (-3)

Fey Eyesight: as a fey, a nymph's eyes amplify light like a cat's,, even to a greater degree than that of an elf. a nymph ignores up to 2 points of lightning related penalties. (effectively ignoring dim light and darkness) however, the GM can state that some items may require a valid light source, like a novel with extremely fine print (+1)

Artistic Affinity: Nymphs. due to generations spent among humans, have picked up a great many human art forms. including a variety of sciences and crafts. their natural affinity allows them to perfect these talents. a nymph starts with a free d6 in smarts instead of a d4 (+2)

Innocent Charms; to get herself out of trouble, a nymph depends on using her small frame and eternal youth to pass herself off as a humanoid child, typically human, or in a fantasy setting, elven or half elven as well. their natural affinity for the use of clever wordplay to act and sound younger gives them a +2 bonus to their charisma. representing the fact they have the acting skill to dumb themselves down and act immature as a cover. (+2) 

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