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Little green 'naked' alien discovered on Mars.

Its in The Metro so it's got to be true, right....!?!
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it's looks so real but can't believe it ..
this picture is quite old as far as i know, and i believe the excuse was that it was a rock formation...either way, still cool photo
It can't just be a rock formation... look at the unnaturally smooth red ring around it
well you know how scientists are, unless they talk to an alien they will call it everything BUT what it looks like.
The idea of existence of life akin to earth on other planets etc has no base. Yes possibility of aliens can be talked about, who may not necessarily resembles to creatures humans know in any way....
+Muhammad Asif Jamal i have often thought the exact same...when I see adverts for say Star Trek, I think to myself how shallow our minds really are to think that creatures who have existed in different parts of the world would look like our creatures here
I wonder how his swarmandal sounds in mars's troubled athmosphere...
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