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Just imagine permaculture applied worldwide...
So much potential everywhere, so many deserts waiting to bloom, so many dreams waiting to be applied to the physical realm.
I am glad I am here on Earth now to contribute to this collective work of art and here to witness how millions of active people all around the world are building this new level of interaction between Mankind and the Creation as a whole.

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"Israel-Palestine celebrates 10 years of one-state success, 10 years of being one multicultural country, 10 years of jews and muslims living together without a wall and without violence."

"Latin America completes its continental no-hanger no-obesity program after years of funding and intense development of agroecology and veganism throughout all latin countries, from Argentina up to Mexico."

"Beijing sky is blue again and for good. The chinese capital has reached the impossible goal and now teaches other world cities how to drop their pollution emissions."

"After impressive economical results in Spain, Norway and Germany, Europe extends universal basic income to the whole European community."

"Africa will host the next World Congress on Conflict Resolution and Non Violent Communication, with main focus on the famous Sahara Peace Act which ended the terrorist threat and changed the life of hundreds of millions people."

"Japan starts funding the ecological restoration of the Great Coral Reef as a compensation of years of whale and dolphin hunt."

"India announces it runs now 100% solar."

"Twenty years after the fall of Bachar Al Assad and the Daech chaos, Syria lives again, saved by the combination of the end of the oil industry and the steady growth of the solar revolution."

"First mission of the Clean Pacific International Fleet which will collect and recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage in the Pacific Ocean. Volunteer students and scientists from all over the world are part of this giant crew."

"Somalia opens a University of Permaculture, after years of successful desert-proof ecological highly efficient agriculture which ended the hunger crisis in the country and others around."

"A new step for mankind in space : the first human on Mars is a black woman."

"After zero-GMO and relocalization, China gets even bolder on food by choosing to go fully organic on all provinces, inspired by the impressive success of other 100% organic nations such as Brazil and Indonesia."

"Huge move for the open-source model : the USA Congress votes a nationwide deployment on Linux and open-source softwares on all administrations, schools and universities. This happens after a long series of failures from proprietary softwares. This US move parallels those of Sweden, South Africa and Australia which recently also switched to Linux and fully open-source solutions."

"Reforestation of the Amazon and Africa doubles each year as schools from all around the world join efforts on providing funds and workforce."

"Impressive success of the new wave of medecine, based on entheogenic plants and mushrooms, providing for the first time, highly effective natural treatments against depression, cancer and many other diseases. Hospitals around the world experience and acknowledge a more-than-welcome revolution in their practices and acclaim an impressive progress of the public health."


Dream whatever you want.



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