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The Source-a-thon is coming! (A 72-hour sourcing marathon October 1-3, 2016, kicking off Family History Month.)

Participants will be grouped into teams - but - what is better is to self-organize along shared interests and concerns - such as we have here as an "Italian Roots Project"

If anyone is willing to take point on organizing a source-a-thon team for Italian Roots, please step forward.

Otherwise, if simply willing to get participate in the Oct 1-3 window of the wikitree event, please indicate.

I think the teams are limited to 20 members each, so I'd like to get a sense of level of interest on the part of Italian Roots project members.

I'll copy this note to G2G, but will encourage discussion here on Google+

We've had several new members over the last week or two -- Welcome! and please introduce yourselves!

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A new member of our group on wikitree recommended the following older resource:

"As for sources, I noticed the Italian Roots project doesn't have Favale connection...

It's fairly old and hasn't been updated in a while... but it's where I've gotten a lot of information, and have managed to confirm some of its info via my own DNA, so there's always that."
Home - The Favale Connection
Home - The Favale Connection

Apologies for recent spam-like activity in this community. I have since changed the settings which will require new members to ask to join (and requires approval). I've removed the member that posted irrelevant material to this group. I'm trying to figure out how best to remove the content.

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We are starting to issue badges for Italian Roots members - I am largely working from the list on our project page. If you aren't on that list, please add yourself - with a little text about your interest in Italian Roots. Thank you!

+Susannah Zemke Cominetti mentioned one of the distinguishing features of wikitree being how DNA tests are integrated and how that can be an attractor for certain people. I think it's valuable for us to discuss the value of how wikitree works - especially when we are considering how to promote wikitree to people who would be likely members of the Italian Roots group. Obviously language is also a barrier, until we have a better means or talent pool for maintaining multilingual support for our activities. Still - there are other features and benefits to keep in mind, as well as limitations. When I promote wikitree - I try not to frame it as the only site or solution - it's part of an ecology of Italian Roots resources and we want to know what are going to be our best selling points - the areas in which we can say there is a benefit in investing time on wikitree and with the Italian Roots project, in addition to the other sites and tools you may frequent. These framings are important also in setting expectations and in inviting a variety of modes of contribution. In terms of setting expectations - those who are experienced with wikitree know that you can find some well documented profiles, but the site isnt set up to search a dataset of records. We do that elsewhere and document it on wikitree. In terms of inviting variety of modes of contribution and collaboration - there are the range of affordances of the site/interface, and there are specific tasks and invitations of our group. We need to be mindful in framing invitations in a way that fosters community stewardship. Anyway - I've started to ramble. I just want to prime the pumps in our thinking about what makes wikitree special and to be clear that we at Italian Roots are ever mindful of the wider ecosytem of sites and circles of contact on Italian Roots themes. There are likely so many sites and groups out there that most of us aren't even aware of.

Per Enrico Davini's recommendation I've started outreach on FB for Italian Roots -- I posted to the Wikitree for Genealogists group and the Italian Genealogy group as well as one I started Ferruzzano Genealogy Exchange. I invite you all to do similar outreach.

Are any of you knowledgable or have a strong affinity for the Category group on wikitree? It's been suggested that one of our number participate there as a liaison between the Category Group and Italian Roots Project. if someone is already knowledgable and active that would be great -- or if you would like to be, let us know.

The big news is that last Friday the Italian Roots project page went live. Abby is acting as Interim Leader and I'm Coordinator right now. I have not made a big deal yet about our new status because the page needs to be edited and cleaned up a bit and meanwhile my household have been down with the flu since last week! Hopefully I can catch up and clean it up soon. Flu = no fun!
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