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BDU ~~~Şəki😍😍❤❤
BDU ~~~Şəki😍😍❤❤
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Comet C/2013 X1 (PANSTARRS)
"Comet C/2013 X1 (PANSTARRS) captured this morning. The whole night the sky was completely covered with clouds. Shortly after 6h early in the morning it became clear. But the dusk had already begun. Thus only 12 minutes remained for exposing. Wide spreading ion tail and at least one disruption event."

Credit: Flickr user Ritzelmut
Date: May 7, 2016
Technical details:
FOV 1.8 x 2.7 °.
Parallel exposure resulting in a L-RGB image.
(L): 6 x 120 sec, Hyperstar 14"/F1.9, L-pro filter, Starlight Xpress SX-36 mono
(RGB): 25 x 30 sec, RASA 11"/F2.2, IR-block filter, CentralDS A7s
Tenerife, 1180m altitude, 2016-05-07, between 6:05h and 6:18h UT

#Astronomy #Space #Science #Comet #C2013X1 #PANSTARRS #OortCloud #SolarSystem #Astrophotgraphy #Art #Earth #STEM
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