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" Under Thunder "

I am paralyzed under thunder
doors are jammed, lightning
 "cover ! '

Ferrule-d ports that lead nowhere,
that can help we all are here.
Under the clouds that man made up.

In these clouds there are chemicals and stuff,
along with diseases and metal flakes,
avoid the rain and snow it makes.

Breathing in doors may help a bit,
but do know the truth,
" You are breathing it !

Viruses increase by that they lay,
upon us all in the bright of day.
This war is upon Life and All that Lives,
Your Representatives do not fight!
What Gives?

What mind is missing when you all breathe it in?
No one is ambitious,
the sentence begins.
Long over do is the death they breed
or is it right on time
as they H.A.A.R.P. the seed?

Microwaves in line
just watch the clouds,
from Jet trails to a mass
that looks, shattered clouds !

Bearers of the news are criticized,
everyone is in turmoil but do not realize.
The perpetrators who are at the top
are murderers in disguise.

When will the whole world,
ever realize,
you are all just trophies,
on thEir walls
of blood and lies?                                              By CH.KRN
                                                                 The Chemtrail Mime
                                                      At The Occupy Mime News Room.
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"Senseless feeling defenseless"
Chemtrails against U.S. 
All the police are not with U.S. 
Our Credibility has evaded U.S. 
The people of other Country's
alienated U.S. 
Do to Monsanto foods and the U.S.
Most people do not know the fuss,
why Chemtrails are dumped on U.S.
What plague is going to infest
all of U.S. ?
Fact is there is not a bus 
that can take U.S. 
away from all of thus. 
So yes I am felling defenseless,
knowing my Representative 
do not represent U.S. 
And all He or She wants to do 
is take all our guns away from U.S. 
So I will Tell You what I think about.
Cuss! Cuss! Cuss!

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You have that backwards South Korea should tell U.S. to get out. I was there  79-80. Our troops have No Ammo, all the guards are a joke but the South wants U.S. as a friend for Intimidation, If we leave all the Trillions we have put in South Korea over 60 years will be LOST ! Money, Money, Money$
Politics has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in North Korea. One minute Great Successor Kim Jong-un is cavorting with American basketball great Dennis Rodman and telling President Barack Obama to call. Next the North Korean People’s Army is threatening to abandon the six-decade-old armistice and use “lighter and smaller nukes” against the United States and South Korea.

The author, Doug Bandow, proceeds to explain that the deal isn't only costing the United States a lot (in manpower and money), but South Korea suffers as well. Seoul isn't able to defend itself, because of American interference.

Decades ago the United States pressured President Park Chung-hee, the current president’s dictatorial father, to abandon his government’s incipient nuclear program—which might have developed weapons that today would guarantee the South’s security against North Korea, Japan and China. Washington currently limits the range and payload of missiles deployed by the South, which also could play a greater deterrent role.

It makes little sense for a country that can, in theory, take care of its own security to continue to rely on the US. And yes, that goes for Europe as well.

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Anything Audio by Tetra
Police and Military, This is you and Your Brain under attack by your Government, To Cause U.S. Bodily Harm as well as your own Tumors. What Side of By the People For The people are you on?  Suicide by being all you can be ? My ASS ! Get Your Brain Back Stop Working For The Government as they want U.S. All DEAD ! ! !

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My Optiplex Glass March 8, 2013
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What more dose one need to see to Understand You all have been had by our Government ?
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