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Elle Zavez
"Free & Untrammeled"
"Free & Untrammeled"

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Life changing magic...
I upgraded my phone a few months ago and because it has a new body, I had to buy a new cell phone case. It was obvious that my old phone case wouldn't fit in my new phone even if I tried but it hit me that in life it isn't always obvious that certain things...

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Coup D'etat Final Part
Most of my life I have only had one certainty of what I want in life, and that certainty is to be happy. I have always thought happiness came with things or people and my mentality was that I had to obtain it through achievements or things, how naive, I kno...

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Coup E'tat Part 4
It is truly funny how life goes. Edward and I did not intend to fall for each other, which allowed us to be open, comfortable and honest with each other. I remember precisely one afternoon, as we sat in our usual after school table, I grabbed Edward's hand ...

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Coup d'etat Part 3
They say you usually make your best friendships when you are working for a cause. During the election process we all started hanging out after school, something I wasn't used to. It started with short conversations in the halls, to walking Edward as a group...

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A dark, cold night with a hint of drizzle
"I am parked down the road." I said to my friend after he told me he was parked up front and he would meet me in our next stop.  He was parked in the street upfront and though I had to walk down the road it wasn't a long or far away street but it was a dark...

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The Introvert part 1
There is a lot that I would like to write about in this blog but as usual I haven't. I have a story for you today, about me of course but in parts. I will write another blog with part 2. When I was in high school I remember being completely mesmerized by a ...

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I always fall in love with people. I love learning, admiring, trying to understand them and if I am lucky getting to spend moments with them. I feel like there is a lot of people that have many wonderful qualities, some that take my breath away and others t...

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June Update
Where have I been? I haven't been posting anything here as I really wanted to do. There is two amazing things that I have been blessed with that I have not talked about. 1. I am an Aunt! OMGEEE!!! I have the cutest niece ever and of course I fell in love wi...

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Peace is always good
When you look at your life what do you see? Do you see yourself? Do you see others? Do you see the world? What is the meaning of it all? Oh the deep questions of life, the ones that many philosophers and non philosophers have pondered upon, many deeper issu...

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bonne vie
It has been a little difficult these past couple of weeks but in the self improvement aspect. Whenever you awaken to realize that your life is not where you pictured at all its basically a slap in the face. It makes you feel a little awful but in a way it m...
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