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Acro VTOL functionality from AirRails now available in PX4. For more information see 

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In this video I show you the quality that can be achieved with this Syma X8 and a normal gimbal, with a minimum cost, we can achieve quite acceptable recordings. This syma x8 is a drone that has been on the market for a long time and is not out of fashion, thanks to its good features, its strength, its strength and its power to use it for our sports cameras, with a normal gimball, Like a two-axle cardan, which I see a bit excessive for a drone with motors with brushes, as we will greatly reduce the flight time and the life of our engines. Thanks to its stability and good handling, with this drone we can make very good recordings.
In short a quadcopter more than recommended and now at a very good price.
This multicoptero comes equipped with a battery of 7.4v at 2000 mah, which gives us a flight time of about 7 minutes, which will lower as we load it with the camera.
Its transmitter, very easy to use gives us a range of about 100 meters, which we can easily expand, with a few modifications in the drone antenna and the command, a fairly simple and easy thing for everyone.
I wanted to bring this drone, which we know enough of us, for the good price that has now, a great opportunity.

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Learn the most effective data analysis techniques with R this eBook - free for today only!

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• Conduct superior data analysis in R
• Organize and communicate data analysis
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• Extend the functionality of R via external packages
• Manage the R workspace and console
• Import external data into R
• Manipulate data using variables
• Execute a wide array of multi-argument and variable-argument functions
• Develop and employ predictive regression models
• Assess the practical and statistical significance of predictions
• Understand R, its benefits, and how to use it to maximize the impact of your data analyses


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Hi guys,
Anyone knows where I can find some exercise for GRASS? I would like my students to exercise themselves for their environmental geology course. I have already used exercise on osgeo site. Thank you so much.


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Problem with login

Hi Luca, I was working with my colleague and he registered on Sentinel data hub. We can login and log out without any problems.

When we tried to download Sentinel images he got a window that it can log in. Can you give some suggestion?

Best Regards,
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