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Annalisa Boccia
Photography, animal and social media lover
Photography, animal and social media lover

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Here we go!

When you are listing the URLs of your social media platforms in print, do you put them all in lowercase even if technically the username has some capital letters in it? I know that it doesn't matter it terms of accessing the site. Just wondering what others are doing.

Unfortunately not all of our social media platforms have the same 'user name' or 'ID' because it was taken before we could grab it.

Thanks very much.

Do you remove comments on your university Facebook Page if they are in a different language? If you do, is this stated in your 'page guidelines'? We are getting more comments not in English and I am not able to translate them so I am concerned that they may be inappropriate. Just wondering how others handle this.

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Does anyone know the correct size for a Business Page profile image? No matter what I do it seems to be blurry on our Uni page. I have seen 202 by 192 recommended but I have tried this and it is still blurry? Any suggestions

For those of you who manage Facebook presences for highered how do you deal with answering questions when you have multiple person teams? Do you set aside times for each person to be 'on duty'?

I know for Twitter you can use coTweet and assign tasks and see who is on duty but I am not sure how to deal with FB. We just don't want two people working on trying to answer a particular question at the same time.
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