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A Napa Valley getaway
A fun getaway to the Napa Valley is always perfect especially in spring time in the shoulder season. There is so much to do and see in the Napa valley and it doesn't all have to do with wine and wineries. Check out the highlights, images and details to visiting Napa Valley below

#NapaValley #tbin #roadtrip #California

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Traditional Chinese architecture around one corner, modern sky scrappers around the next. Despite the crowds, Shanghai China is one of my favourite cities. See if you agree: 

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With the F1 season due to start on Sunday, I thought it was the perfect time to revisit my time watching the Australian Grand Prix in 2013!

As strange as it may sound, this was one of the main things that I wanted to do when I visited Australia. I'm a huge sports fan, so I had wanted to attend an F1 race for a number of years!

I love to combine sports and travelling and this was one of the best experiences of my time in Australia! The noise and speed of the cars is astounding! If you get the chance to go to an F1 race in the future, don't pass it up!

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Planning a luxury escapade to one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia? Check out The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort in Redang Island, just off the coast of Terengganu in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

It's where you're "Welcome to Paradise".

#Malaysia #Terengganu #Beautiful Terengganu #MalaysiaTrulyAsia

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Are you desperate to get robbed when you travel? Follow these easy steps, and you will quickly lose your passport, wallet, and other valuable items when you travel!

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Visiting Pinnacles National Park
Located in Central California in San Benito County, this park really is a hidden gem with amazing natural beauty without all the crowds and tourists. Hiike through wonderful forests,caves, lakes and the up to the peaks of Pinnacles and you will probably be only a handful that will do it that day which makes it even more special #Pinnacles #VisitCalifornia #USNationalParks #landscapephotography

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Recently there has been a lot of buzz about Prague. There is so much to explore for free in the capital where the old Gothic architecture forms a picturesque backdrop for this bustling city.

#travel #Prague #CzechRepublic
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