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A dozen free online Computer Science courses from +Udacity and +Coursera starting over the next 2 weeks

Udacity is launching 6 courses on April 16th while Coursera is launching the same number of courses on April 23rd. 2 out of Udacity's 6 courses are repeats of previous offerings (CS 101 and CS 373) while 1 course from Coursera is repeated (Intro to Machine Learning). So in all 9 courses will be offered for the very first time. The entire list of courses starting over the next 2 weeks can be found below and also at (along with other courses).

List of Udacity courses starting on April 16th:
- CS 101: Building a Search Engine(repeat) by David Evans and Sebastian Thrun-
- CS 373: Programming a Robotic Car(repeat) by Sebastian Thrun -
- CS 212: The Design of Computer Programs by _Peter Norvig -
- CS 253: Web Application Engineering - Building a Blog by Steve Huffman -
- CS262 - Programming Languages - Building a Browser by Wes Weimer -
- CS387 - Applied Cryptography by David Evans -

List of Coursera courses starting on April 23rd:
- Introduction to Machine Learning(repeat) by Andrew Ng -
- CS 101 by Nick Parlante -
- Computer Vision by Jitendra Malik -
- Compilers by Alex Aiken -
- Automata Theory by Jeffrey D. Ullman -
- Introduction to Logic by Michael Genesereth -
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