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A poem I like.

TIL there are some subtle differences between __thread and thread_local. For some uses __thread is still better.

World leaders should record their calls to provide quality assurance.

I also now believe that the Unicode poo emoji, at least, must be redefined as a composing character.

I demand Han-Emoji unification

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Empirical research into programming language design - great stuff.

The patch to delete gcj went in recently.

When I was put on the gcj project at Cygnus, I remember thinking that Java was just a fad and that this was just a temporary thing for me. I wasn't that interested in it. Then I ended up working on it for 10 years.

In some ways it was the high point of my career.

Socially it was fantastic, especially once we merged with the Classpath community -- I've always considered Mark Wielaard's leadership in that community as the thing that made it so great.

We also did some cool technical things in gcj. The binary compatibility ABI was great, and the split verifier was very fun to come up with.

On the other hand, gcj was never quite up to spec with Java. I've met Java developers even as recently as last year who harbor a grudge against gcj.

I don't apologize for that, though. We were trying something difficult: to make a free Java with a relatively small team.

When OpenJDK came out, the Sun folks at FOSDEM were very nice to say that gcj had influenced the opening of the JDK. Now, I never truly believed this -- but it was very gracious of them to say so.

Since the gcj days I've been searching for basically the same combination that kept me hacking on gcj all those years: cool technology, great social environment, and a worthwhile mission.

This turned out to be harder than I expected. I'm still searching. I never thought it was possible to go back, though, and with this deletion, this is clearer than ever.

There's a joy in deleting code (though in this case I didn't get to do the deletion... grrr); but mainly this weekend I'm feeling sad about the final close of this chapter of my life.

libthread_db must die. Gary's "infinity notes" project can't land fast enough. Like how about two years ago?

Has anybody put Prince's symbol in Unicode yet?

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