## Message Type: Weekly Space Weather Summary Report for March 21, 2012 - March 27, 2012
## Message Issue Date: 2012-03-28T12:55:00Z
## Report Coverage Begin Date: 2012-03-21T00:00:00Z
## Report Coverage End Date: 2012-03-27T23:59:59Z
## Message ID: 20120328-7D-001

## Summary:

Solar activity ranged from low to high levels. While there was not much Earth-directed activity, old Active Region (AR) 1429 is behind the Earth-facing solar disk and has continued to remain active. This region gave off three fast CMEs which resulted in SEP events at STEREO A and B.

Geomagnetic activity was at low levels, with the Kp index (a measure of geomagnetic activity, ranging 0-9) <=4 throughout the week.

Due to the previous CMEs' impacts along with the high speed solar wind stream, the >0.8 MeV energetic electron flux at GEO remained at high levels on 2012-03-21 and 2012-03-22, but decreased back to nominal levels (below 10^5 pfu) for the remainder of the reporting week.

There was no energetic proton event detected at Earth during the period.

The 1550 km/s CME starting on 2012-03-21T07:39Z caused an increase in the flux of 13-100 MeV protons at STEREO A at around 2012-03-21T07:27Z, exceeded 0.1 pfu/MeV starting at 2012-03-21T08:20Z and peaked at about 0.6 pfu/MeV around 2012-03-21T09:17Z. The proton flux at STEREO A exceeded 0.1 pfu/MeV again starting at 2012-03-24T01:17Z due to the ~1600 km/s CME starting on 2012-03-24T00:39Z. At STEREO B the flux of 13-100 MeV protons exceeded 0.1 pfu/MeV at 2012-03-27T01:05Z and peaked at 0.66 pfu at 2012-03-27T11:25Z.

Space weather impact:

Spacecraft in the path of the backsided CMEs could be impacted by the enhanced proton flux. Otherwise, space weather impact is likely to be small for the reporting week.

## Events:

Flares (M class and above):
Date Start Stop Peak Class Location
2012-03-23 19:34:00 19:44:00 19:40:00 M1.0 S23E87 (Region 1445)

CMEs (> 500 km/s):

Earth directed:
Starting time Speed (km/s) Direction (LON/LAT in HEE) Angular width (degrees) Detecting spacecraft (real-time)

Non-Earth directed:
Starting time Speed (km/s) Direction (LON/LAT in HEE) Angular width (degrees) Detecting spacecraft (real-time)
2012-03-21T07:39Z ~ 1550 175/10 60 STEREO A, B and SOHO
2012-03-23T19:48Z ~ 650 59/48 46 STEREO A, B and SOHO
2012-03-24T00:39Z ~ 1600 -161/11 120 STEREO A and B
2012-03-26T06:48Z ~ 870 -3/48 32 STEREO A, B and SOHO
2012-03-26T23:12Z ~ 1450 -105/15 100 STEREO B and SOHO
2012-03-27T03:24Z ~ 615 10/70 24 STEREO A, B and SOHO

## Spacecraft Anomalies Reported to SWC:


## Space Weather Outlook:
## Outlook Coverage Begin Date: 2012-02-28T00:00:00Z
## Outlook Coverage End Date: 2012-04-03T23:59:59Z

Active Region 1429, currently 30 degrees behind the East limb of the Sun, still has potential of giving off some activities. Otherwise, the solar and geomagnetic activity is expected to be low to unsettled levels for the upcoming week.

## Notes:
View our video, "Incredible Active Region 1429: One for the record books" about the activity from this region over the past 25 days: http://youtu.be/PbyJswbX4VA

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