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Finding ourselves in the spirit of ideas worth sharing!
Finding ourselves in the spirit of ideas worth sharing!

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"If you don't have a purpose, go and find it" - Anis Haffar #TEDxCapeCoastED

Hashtag to watch today -->> #TEDxCapeCoastED

Cape Coast is experiencing its maiden #TEDx event today at the Sasakawa Conference Center on the University campus. #TEDxCapeCoastED

#FACT This is the first ever #TEDx event focused on issues related to education in the country! #TEDxCapeCoastED

Are you ready! Event starts in less than 7 hours #Ghana #TEDx #TEDxCapeCoastED

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2:33am here in Ghana! Excited to bring thinkers & doers to share ideas around education #233moments #TEDxCapeCoastED

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About this event
TEDxCapeCoastED would be held at the University of Cape Coast Campus on 31st August, 2013. The event is themed “broadening the frontiers of education”, and is aimed at aggregating the best ideas, projects and inputs needed to make education more responsive to Ghana’s needs.

The event is focused on creating a new platform to discuss how we can broaden educational opportunity, through the unique perspectives of each speaker. Attracting students, teachers, administrators, innovators, activists, parents and other education actors, TEDxCapeCoastED’s specific objectives are to:
- Diagnose challenges inherent in Ghana’s educational system and propose solutions to them
- Demonstrate new methods of sustaining student-teacher engagement in the classroom and beyond
- Showcase how technology and other innovative approaches are contributing to learning
- Map out the direction in which education in Ghana must take so as to foster national development
- Provoke participants to take action on an educational challenge or contribute to an ongoing solution
- Connect various actors in the educational space

In short TEDxCapeCoastED will create a fertile ground to re-think education in Ghana, challenging all major stakeholders to reflect on their role(s) to give our youth brighter prospects

Broadening the frontiers of education #TEDxCapeCoastED 31.08.2013 #CapeCoast #Ghana

Broadening the frontiers of education 31.08.2013 #TEDxCapeCoastED  
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