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Professional Storyteller and author
Professional Storyteller and author

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S.T.E.M Storytelling? Yes! Call It S.T.E.A.M
S. T. E. M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are all the rage. They have been for a while. As a humble storyteller who deals in literacy, I did not consider myself on the S.T.E.M team. No, my work is with helping students begin to conquer the wri...

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Words Matter By Joan Leotta
"My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Do you find yourself ever humming the words to a favorite song? Do you seek words of endearment and comfort from those who love you? Have you ever saved an old love letter or thrilled to see the caller ID of someone...

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Joan Leotta - Poetess, Author, Storyteller - is on deck!
I am in California next week for the very last planned Mariposa Storytelling Festival in California. I will not be in the blogging seat as I will be spending the weekend with some fabulous performers. If you are in the area, come on out and celebrate this e...

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All I Have Are Stories...I Know It Is Not Enough - Telling in The Schools of America
I am often unaware of the stories going on around me until they slam into me in such a way that I cannot avoid them. One lovely spring evening in my early twenties, I was sitting in my apartment in Evanston, Il;  knitting. I used to do that quite a bit. I w...

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My Joy - Teaching by Arthuretta Martin
I wasn’t born to be a grade school teacher.    Let me rephrase that.    I wasn’t trained to be a teacher.    Hmmm that’s not quite right either.    Wait. Let me explain. The first 30 years of my life I did something other than teach young people but clearly...

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Guest Blogger Next Week: Arthuretta Martin
Arthuretta Martin My first blogger of 2017 is on deck! Next week Arthuretta Martin will wield the pen. She has a wonderful piece about her passion for storytelling. This engaging educator and performer did not set out to teach or tell. She did get here even...

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Guerrilla Storytelling, Personal Stories, Historical Fact, and Convenient Fictions
This has been a week of listening to stories. This has been a week of telling stories. This has been a week of watching stories take shape. This has been a week of watching history distort, change, and become clear. Sometimes, looking at the world with a st...

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Inauguration Day, 2017
I was recently asked why I thought folktales were a good vehicle to help people understand Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Here is my response: The thing that Martin Luther King Jr. did for our nation was to retell our story including black and brown peopl...

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Art Is Not An Elective For Everyone
James Ransome He did this one I met the incredibly talented visual artist  James Ransome  about a decade ago. He illustrated one of my books. I sat in an auditorium and heard the tale of how he'd discovered his love of graphic arts by reading comic books. H...

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Enlisting The Audience: 5 TIps For Managing An Audience
This is the last post in the Audience Participation series. Text of Epaminondas Part 1: Covert and overt Audience Participation Part 2: Overt Audience Participation Part 3: Covert Audience Participation Part 4: 5 Tips For Managing An Audience In the last fe...
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