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Larry Makoski
Happily married, father of two, Amateur Radio op, Conservative.
Happily married, father of two, Amateur Radio op, Conservative.

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February 19th and it was warm!  It felt more like a Spring day than the middle of Winter; as it reached a high of 68F (20C).So what does a relatively young man's fancy turn to when it warms up like this? Why, Amateur Radio of course!  In particular, portabl...

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It appears that in September of 2016, the ARRL formed a committee, looking into the possibility of petitioning the FCC to create a new entry level Amateur Radio license.  At this point, they are looking for membership input. So if you're a member of the ARR...

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Had to post!
Saw this on the "100 Watts and a Wire" Facebook page - too funny not to share! KUDOs to Andre Vorreiter LOL! 72 de Larry W2LJ QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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Skunked again - sort of.
I got on the air last night, in my 62F (16C) shack in order to participate in the 40 Meter QRP Foxhunt.  These hunts have been deplorable for me this year, with hardly any success.  Last night was no different.  The Foxes were NK6A in California and KV2X in...

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Delinquent in posting
I began 2017 with a pledge to post more often, and there's one resolution already shot to Hades!  But I do have a reason for my lack of blogging activity. I've been battling a crummy case of sinusitis the past two weeks. I'll spare you the gorey details but...

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To help with your NPOTA withdrawal
There IS a Parks On The Air program that has been up and running for a while.  In the USA, POTA is part of the World Wife Flora and Fauna program, which is international in scope.  Like NPOTA, WWFF was devised in order to get Amateur Radio ops off their duf...

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Portable operations antennas
So with all the NPOTA operating and other portable operating that I've done over the years, you might think that I've become some sort of expert on portable antennas, right? Nope - not even close. I have become "expert" enough to tell you that there's no "o...

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Happy New Year !!!
Fervent wishes from W2LJ to all of you for a happy, healthy, prosperous and joyous 2017! My resolution for 2017 is to get back into the blogging spirit. It seems too many things otherwise occupied my attention in 2016.  My post total for the year wasn't a l...

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Wow ..... just wow!
I'm not sure how to even begin this post. Yesterday, the final day of NPOTA was such a good day, there was no time to be sad or mourn its end. If NPOTA was the gift of a great big cake to Amateur Radio in 2016 - then December 31, 2016 will go down as the ic...

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Going cold turkey
"Going cold turkey" - a phrase familiar to some - unfamiliar to others. Perhaps many of my readers from outside the US have never heard of this American slang term before.  It means to break a habit ...... by stopping.  If you happen to smoke and decide to ...
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