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Great contest!
Who is going to get that Pro Tutorial?  Enter on our website.

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We're excited to announce SmugMug Films, a new series celebrating the world's most exciting photographers:

The first SmugMug film will debut on Monday, January 13, 2013. 

Subscribe to our SmugMug Films YouTube channel to get first access to each new episode:

Photographers featured in the trailer include SmugMug Pros: +Scott Kelby +Jessica Ambats  +Dallas Nagata White +Joel Grimes +CJ Kale +Sarah Lee 

#SmugMug #Photography #Inspiration   #Landscape #Fashion #Portrait #SmugMugPro  

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Whether you're a parent of a home schooler and you want to enhance your lesson plans or you're an adult and you just want to become more awesome with an Ivy League-level education, nothing beats free education. Yep, I said FREE! 

9 Websites to Get a Free Education in Higher Learning:

Photo: Imgur

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We are living in the Age of the Artist. Never before in history has it been this easy for creatives to create, for artists to make their art. Yet still the masses are filled with those who postpone their artistic dreams. I say the worst thing you can do is postpone.

But some people just need a bigger carrot. So I went hunting and found a prize for you. Actually, I teamed up with my friends at Shopify and am offering YOU a chance at a check for $50,000 and my promise to be your mentor for life (or until you kick me out). Yes. This actually means we will be friends.

If you’re late to the party, here’s how to enter [in 3 easy steps]:

1. Go to the Shopify Build a Business page
2. Choose your category (I’m mentoring in the Art & Photography category, but choose what suits your artistic dream)
3. Start selling and kick your business into gear.

I figure the end game can only be 1 of 2 options:

1. You win the contest, $50,000 and a mentor for life; OR
2. You don’t win, but you’ve built that business you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s now a REAL THING that makes you money and channels all that creativity you never knew (or perhaps always knew?) you had.

If ever there was a win-win scenario, this is it.
Few more deets on my blog here      but all you REALLY need to know is here in this delicious G+ post.    New year, new you.

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Tony Stark in real life? Yes from Meta (site at ).

This startup proves that Silicon Valley is still doing real tech.

Meet the future of wearable computers. 

Yes, it's long, but this startup deserves an in-depth look. Wow.

More on my thoughts later, just wanted to give you a chance to see this mind-blowing startup up close.

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Funny...but true: Here are seven reasons every startup video looks exactly the same.

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A new Google Glass update allows users to to wink to take a photo.

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LG has launched a Chrome OS-based all-in-one desktop computer:

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Learning the new Sony A7r while Learning to Paraglide - Filmed with Google Glass
My full new Sony arrived at the same time I was training to fly solo in a paraglider over the Southern Alps!  I combined the two into this video below.  You can see me try out several different lenses as well as the adapter for other kinds of lenses.  At the end, there is even a little post-processing tutorial for you!  

I wanted to release this as a sample of what is inside — enjoy!  By the way, now the whole Application process is fully integrated with Google+ - yay!

The Full Sony A7r Review is up now at 

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