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we know these girls - just doing it for the money... and for this idea I just found the perfect background and detailed deco at Cosmopolitan . Another great Event to visit - Hairology   -   GachaGarden -   Shiny Shabby   -   Rewind  - wall, lantern: Duvet D...

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it is summertime - finally! And I try to enjoy it and get ready for 2 weeks holidays on the beach! You all understand, that I try to come down and get ready. Calm down with me and enjoy the summer. Less blogging - more sun and garden. But if I am online - I...

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if you are successful - you do not have to speak about it so much. Your style and your language show it - the moment I got this wonderful set of jewelry and saw the new face for Fiore heads from The Skinnery just made my day so damn good - here we go and vi...

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hell yes!!
we love punk - we want it funny but we want anarchy... or we want some rules and enjoy! Enjoy these events - MBA  --   Enchantment  --   Rewind  -- C88 left look: hair: Truth - Elie [groupgift] face: The Skinnery - Amanita @ MBA brow: The Skinnery - Dune Br...

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having appetitos for melonis? I love beer! And we love to meet friends and go out and enjoy the time - so lets visit some events together and see the new stuff: The Chapter 4  --   Sanarae  --   Gacha Guardians  --   Collabor88  --   HairOLogy  --   Shiny S...

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sunny mood
that damn weather! I am in such a sunny mood and the weather decided to rain instand today! Thanks... but that made me go out in my outfit and search a nice beach at SL and start to blog! Everything has a good side - and great events you should visit! Cosmo...

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don't know if we are right
but I know I fell in love with this outfit... so nice and detailed!!  Some new makeup and a new face from DeeTaleZ just came right to mix it up! Events you may mix up and get a good mood: Epiphany  --   Uber  -- hair: Moon Amore - Mystic Star - Spiral Hair ...

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evenings like this
I love these warm summer evenings..., enjoyed a new magazine and a glass of wine. Warm lights soften my mood - you are in the mood for these events?! Cosmopolitan  --   Gacha Guardians  --   MBA  --   Tres Chic house and deco: shine by ZD - Scandi Summer Dr...

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so happy with it
at the moment it is just all perfect!! I am sad, to tell you I have no negative to share! All wonderful here on Nana-Land! I am amazed how nice people are with me and how many good friends I really found and have around me! Events you should not miss:    Ep...

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lay back
wonderful to be back!! So many people react super nice and send me super cute words - thanks so much! I am back and just found great stuff right away!! Visit these events for more great things: HairFair  --   Epiphany  --   MeshBodyAddicts  --   Cosmopolita...
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