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Propose a session or case study for the 2015 Dart Summit, coming April 28th and 29th in San Francisco!
Calling all Dartisans - Propose your session or case study for the Dart Developer Summit.

The Dart Developer Summit is your forum for meeting the Dart engineering team, Googlers using Dart, and your fellow Dartisans.  Our community has told us they want to hear how you are using Dart. What is your cool new pub package? How did you use Dart on the client or server? What are you tips and tricks?

Our sessions are live streamed and recorded to help you get the word out. The summit is April 28th-29th in San Francisco, California. Call for Proposals closes on Jan 30th!

See you there!

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High-speed video footage taken at Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

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Can't post from the Feynman Series without posting the Sagan Series:
The Full Sagan Series 1-9 HD

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THE FEYNMAN SERIES (Part 1) - Beauty

More importantly, Michael Gottlieb with the support of Caltech has done a fantastic job of reproducing all three volumes of the Feynman Lectures for the web:

No more complaining about Bay Area broadband speeds!

Test Date: Feb 20, 2013 5:46:38 PM
Connection Type: Wifi
Server: Yellowknife, NT
Download: 332 kbps
Upload: 315 kbps
Ping: 603 ms

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にしんそば for Omisoka.

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Amazing to be able to look around another planet in such high resolution. There's something about seeing the Sun from Mars that really blows my mind.

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Awesome day at the beach.

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