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The Lazuli Portals (Novels & Short Stories)
Storytelling with suspense, natural magic, and lovelight.
Storytelling with suspense, natural magic, and lovelight.


I've not added to the wordcount of Novel #3 ('LP3') this week but have managed to do some background work which will affect it. Progress! :)

Health issues have enforced a temporary break from writing and working on the novel known as LP3. Hoping to get back to it as soon as I can!

There's not that much writing left to do now, but there will be plenty of editing and checking, to make sure it's the best possible finale to The Lazuli Portals Trilogy!

Oh and perhaps I forgot to mention that this book does have a title at last ... it's still top secret for now, though! ;)

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"But it's written in the starlight
And every line in your palm
We are fools to make war
On our brothers in arms"

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My Unweeded Edges ~ another fantastic piece of poetry by Trini, one of my favourite bloggers!

Novel #3 wordcount ... 101,000 and counting ... just saying ...!
#CelebrateProgress #LongestNovelYet #LovingThisStory #AmWriting

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Did you miss this? New blog post: L is for Lovelight (Cordello Quest A-Z Series) and Happy Birthday, Lazuli Portals!

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"Don't give up ... it's just the weight of the world ... don't give up ... you are LOVED." #amlistening #lovethis

I wrote 3000+ words yesterday (the benefits of having some sort of plan!) but have hurt my back, so taking as a 'sign' to ease back a bit!

After a few days' break (life is to be lived as well as written!) I'm looking forward to getting back into my writing world this week! :D
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