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Kyle Nabilcy
45% librarian, 35% food writer, 20% political activist, 100% made of meat.
45% librarian, 35% food writer, 20% political activist, 100% made of meat.

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Inmate with poor hygiene working right next to the computer I need to get work done on guhhhhhh

My revised mantra for staying out of something online is no longer "Someone is wrong on the internet!" but instead "Someone is wrong on Reddit!" Just let it go, man.

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Since I guess it's possible people might read things here that they don't see on Twitter or Facebook...Here's the Madison Heatmap I wrote. It went up yesterday. You'll have to trust me that the places are all still hot.

True confessions: I have no idea what the "MAD" in Rene Redzepi's TED-inspired MAD Symposium stands for.

I can't eat Pop Tarts toasted. Just can't. #themoreyouknow  

Kinda love it when inmates, with their penchant for handwriting flourishes, make really exaggerated apostrophes and quotation marks on written documents. Big, dark dot, sweeping curved downstroke. A little glimmer of graphic design behind bars.

Inmate comes up to retrieve a reserved book, Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and says, "You can check that back in, I don't want it. I read the second one, it's all partying and sex."

"Will the owner of a Volkswagen........a blue Volkswagen please come to the lobby?" --on the institution loudspeaker, just now

Tiguan or Toureg? Taking all bets.

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Nice to hear WPR's "Wisconsin Life" segment on the DNR's pheasant program at Oregon Correctional Center (my neighbor at work).

Productive Thursday morning. Spent the last hour or so looking over the 2014 MLB schedule for potential #Beersball  dates.
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