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Tuesday morning on the Peace River.

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My favorite Reddit today.

The fry skull.
I think the right amount of ketchup strategically placed might have made it even better.

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I just downloaded Juice for Roku on my Nexus 7.

Juice for Roku lets you stream photos, videos, music and podcasts directly from your Android device (and Internet) to your Roku player

It works flawlessly and even has a touchscreen Roku remote embedded in the UI.
One that actually works.

If you have a Roku and an Android this app is a "Must Have" for $2.99
Sarasota Springs, Florida

Just received my 16GB Nexus 7 shipped from Google Play about an hour ago.

For those still waiting I purchased the tablet & a cover on June 27th.
Got the e-mail yesterday stating it would ship overnight within a week.
never received any shipping notice at all.

Been playing with it for a couple of hours now.
Booted it up (10 seconds), entered my Google account password and was set to go.
It's indeed very buttery compared to the last Android device I used (Gingerbread).

The UI, scrolling, & animations are so far equal to an iPad experience

Downloaded & installed a bunch of apps
Watched half an Episode of a TV show downloaded from Google Play.
Surfed the web(Chrome), set up FlipBoard as a news reader.
Listened to some music through Google Music Player.

This is a very Sweet device well worth the money.

Video streams flawlessly, the screen is clear & bright with crisp imaging.

The single speaker on the bottom back was a bit of a surprise as it's loud, clear, and when placed on a table bounces back very nicely.

Things I'm not digging about the Nexus 7.

No factory apps will run in landscape other than video.

That's really about the only thing getting on my nerves so far and that's not bad coming from an Apple fanboy.


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