200 Pounds by June!

For Lent this year, I decided to work on my "temple".  I've been counting calories using MyFitnessPal.com since February 14th.  For my 6' 3" frame, it recommends a 2000-calorie/day diet to reach my goal of losing a pound a week.  My overall goal is to move from the 220-lb weight I've been for a long time to 200 pounds by June.  I haven't tracked my weight much over the years, but I'm pretty sure I haven't been under 210 since college.  I still need to get a good scale and start tracking my weight, but I know I've lost a few pounds already just by how I look and feel.

The first week of the diet was a real eye-opener.  I already wasn't eating much junk food, but becoming aware of the caloric content of sodas, burgers, and other things I occasionally enjoyed in the context of the new diet was shocking.  I usually go out to two lunches and one dinner per week, and those situations have been interesting.  Subway and Chipotle make it easy, but Friendly's has a challenging menu, and Texas Roadhouse doesn't even publish nutrition info!  Luckily the crowd-sourced MyFitnessPal database is a great tool.

I've also started working out mildly to complement this: 20 minutes at 4mph on my treadmill with a 10% incline at least 4 days a week, deep knee bends, and a few weight exercises.  As it warms up I plan to get on my bike much more this year.  I'm into backpacking (even though I only go once or twice per year); I carry about 20-25 pounds of gear for that.  I want to lose as much weight as I would be carrying. :)  Our next backpacking trip is planned for early May, so that's where I'll do a serious weight check and see how my plan is going.

Inspirations for this journey have come from +Don Becker, who pulled off the most amazing weight-loss I've ever witnessed from friends or family, and +Scott Buffington, who's been working out and running much more recently.  Thanks, guys!

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