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FERAL RPG: Con Poster for EttinCon.

(It's a really lovely Con, you should all totally fly down here it's great).

Rolling defense vs fixed target number.

One of the things I'm considering is a rule that was introduced in Mini6 rules variant (possibly elsewhere?) of having a fixed target number for defense instead of rolling every round. and playing Star Wars d6 again I'm finding the idea more and more appealing.

If you don't know it, you get a Defense value equal to 3 per 1D in Dodge, +1 per pip. It goes:

3D = 9
3D+1 = 10
3D+2 = 11
4D = 12
4D+1 = 13
4D+2 = 14
5D = 15
5D+1 = 16
5D+2 = 17
6D = 18, etc...

If you take any actions in a round, the Target Number to hit you = your Defense OR the range difficulty, whichever is higher.

If you take only a Full Defense the Target Number to hit you = your Defense + the range difficulty/the diff of the weapon used if melee

If you're unaware of the attack, the Target Number to hit you = the range difficulty/or the diff of the weapon used if melee only

And that's it. All characters are assumed to be trying not to be hit, and you don't make a Dodge roll each round, and nor does it count as an action for the purpose of losing Dice.

Has anyone used this system before, how'd it go? What issues can you see arising out of it?

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Now at that other place! With vid interview!


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You! With that clever brain of yours, desperate for distraction from your daily drudge! Come help! Replies in the OP thanks!

There aren't any. THIS IS A GRAVE MISTAKE. Help me rectify it. I cast SUMMON #GYGAXIANDEMOCRAZY !!!!!!

What I want is a single paragraph description of a random carousing event you'd find in any hive of scum and villainy. Assume a classic era timeframe, and a variety of good, middling and bad events. If you can start your entry with a number from 1 to 6, where 1 is real bad and 6 is real good, that would be really helpful.

Lessee if we can hit 100 entries, or better yet 216 (cause you can generate 216 outcomes with a D6 D6 D6 dice roll).

Thanks in advance!

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Had these floating around for a while. Shame not to share'em.

Has anyone ever looked at narcotics in the Star Wars galaxy? Any previously written articles out there I should look at before I start writing up some stats for pleasantries? [EDIT: I think I remember something about drinks of choice in maybe a Star Wars Adventure Journal???? I remember Lum being like beer or something]. [EDIT: Galaxy Guide #9: Outer Rim, thanks Chris]

As an aside, I always assumed that the Spice Mines of Kessel were a nod to Dune. + 2D to Astrogation checks when spicing... :)

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Hey would anyone know who wrote the Adventure Section in the 1st Edition rulebook? Greg Costikyan? Bill Slavicsek? One of the other writers?

I ask because for me it has remained the single most useful and concise piece of GMing advice I've read in all my 33 years of gaming and I wanted to thank them for it. It's the one piece of game writing I get evangelical about with other gamers, and the one piece I always share with new GMs no matter what game they're running.

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Brian Snook started the idea of taking offical character art and hacking it into new characters (that's one of his top row 2nd from left). I've been doing more over the last couple of years to use as pawns for our SW games, and have slowly got a bit of a collection going (my PC is the hammerhead).

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So now the Player's Guide has been out for a while, what's are you doing with it?

Running or playing, tell us about the characters in your group, where and when in Middle Earth your game is set, what you like or don't like about the rules.

Getting keen for the Loremaster Book PDF, figure I'd stoke the fires. 
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